Electro bicycles in leisure mobility (Switzerland)

By News Editor / Updated: 02 Sep 2014

Electro Bike Flyer- mobile without restrictions, effortless and a combination of culture and nature. Electric bicycles can not only be leased on various locations, but can also be integrated in your holidays or day-trips. With its electro-motor it supports a healthy environment and can lead to an experience by bike for young and elder ones.

Background & Objectives

In the year 2001 a Swiss company was established and adopted the activities of its former company. The business purpose is the design and development, manufacture, sales and distribution of the Flyers and various other innovative products that belong to the mobility of the efficient two-wheelers. The Flyer is a Pedelec- a bicycle with a help -pedal through an electromotor. Without pedalling the motor does not release any power, it only supports the pedalling. That means that by pedalling the sensor measures your performance and therefore can actuate the necessary assistance through the motor. While you’re enjoying the surroundings in all calmness, the bike operates for you, which is especially helpful for children or in hilly regions.


The bicycle-category of the Flyer is seen as a legal bicycle offering the possibility to drive on the cycle path and wastes the same amount of energy in 100 kilometres as 3 minutes of taking a warm shower do. The accumulator of the bike suffices between 30 and 60 kilometres depending on the slopes, the weight of the driver, temperature and the countryside and can be fully loaded on every place. The C-series of the Flyer supports the electro-motor up to 25 km/H. There are various stations for renting a Flyer throughout Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The price of renting a bike depends on each station, the leasing for half a day is approximately 7,50 €.A broad spectrum on activities with the Flyer is offered. Not only that there exist over more than 100 leasing-stations with all together 250 electro bikes, also day trips, group excursions and holidays with the Flyer enjoy great supply and demand.>Since 2004, tourist stations can book the Flyer bicycles in order to let their customers grant enjoyable rides in the mountain and valley side combined with culture and tradition. These tours are offered as an all-inclusive package including a specific tour-guide, accommodation, the Flyer electro bike and many other things. In hilly regions the advantages of the electro bike comes into its own. Trips with the electro bicycle are offered for example to the border triangle of France, Germany and Luxembourg, which is visited within seven days in a combination by going by bus and driving on the Flyer. Another journey starts in Switzerland and on the cycle path of the Inn it ends in Austria, passing various cultural and scenically experiences. In spite of that, four countries and 3 metropolises can be visited by ship, travelling on the electro bike when going on city tour.


On the one hand cycling with the Flyer is part of an enjoyable, healthy and sustainable way of life on the other hand the Flyer allows to compensate healthy detractions in order to experience moving mobility on two-wheelers with friends and family, which is particularly attractive for people coming from the city. More and more tourist want to enjoy their holiday wit an electric bike and for the near future also more supply will be offered from the tourist centres. Especially elder people are enthusiastic about the electro bikes, due to the fact that their power duplicates and there are hardly any complications with the Flyer. Appointments for associations, companies and groups can be made individually in order to test-drive the Flyer electro bike and view the factory. If you want to buy a bike, the various selling points can be sought at the web side: www.flyer.ch .

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