ecoscore - a Belgian database on vehicles environmental performance

By News Editor / Updated: 22 May 2015

The free accessible database ecoscore rates vehicles according to their environmental impact. It was developed and is maintained in cooperation of the three Belgian regions with initiatives and research institutes to support product choice in administrations, economy and households.

Background & Objectives

“ecoscore“ is a database implemented on behalf of the three Belgian regions in cooperation with initiatives, research institutes and authorities on regional and national level comparing road vehicles with respect to ecological aspects. It could become the basis of vehicle procurement of Belgian authorities; some administrations already use it for this purpose. The database is open to the public.


ecoscore contains cars and small vans, motorbikes, mopeds and some lorries. Current and some elder models are listed, so it might be useful for the purchase of used cars too. It gives basic information on the environmental performance of the vehicle of interest and, based on this information, a ranking from 0-100 points with 0 points being the worst grading.>The assessment bases on:
  • Greenhouse effect (50%)
  • Emissions of air pollutants with respect to human health (20%) and environment (20%)
  • Noise emissions of the engine (10%)
The rating of the car gives information on
  • Some technical details
  • The amount of points achieved due to the assessment scheme
  • The ranking of the car relative to vehicles of similar size and
  • The ranking compared to the entity of all vehicles listed in the database.
The database is managed by VITO, an independet research organization, and feed with data from the Belgian Mobility Administration.


ecoscore is intensely used by the public and its application in Belgian authorities is on its way; for example the Flemish region developed an action plan to use ecoscore for vehicle procurement.The weightiest factor is emission of CO2 followed by air pollutants and noise. To continuously provide current data, the database will be updated every 4 months.
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