E - Mobility in the Alps (Switzerland)

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

The project offers solutions for sustainable mobility in the field of tourism for the San Gottardo region. The realization bases on an universal approach using all opportunities for sustainable mobility for tourists. The project continues the spirit of the early days of the mountain pass roads and wants to revive a environmental friendly adventurous spirit in mobility. One of the goals of the project is the electric mobility and the first vehicles were climbing the Grimsel pass in summer 2010.

Background and Objectives

The project started in October 2009 and the pilot phase in summer 2010. It covered the region between Luzern, Brig, Chur and Bellinzona with the passing of San Gottardo in its centre. The special topography with several valleys and passes is a special challenge for the electric mobility.

The project was initiated by Progetto San Gottardo, energieregionGOMS and the power plant Oberhasli. Progetto San Gottardo is a joint project of the cantons Uri, Tessin, Wallis and Graubünden and its target is to develop a connected region for living and economy. The power plants Oberhasli is an energy producing and servicing company which also has some initiatives in the tourism. The energieregionGOMS is the first region in Switzerland which has a detailed future-oriented view on the regional consequences of climate change. The focus is on the use of renewable energy and the efficient use of existing energy.

The economic goals are the increase of the added value of the region, the creation of additional jobs, the strengthening of the tourism and an increase of the image of the region as living and tourism area.



Sources of Energy for the project
The first vehicles in use were electric vehicles and were provided by the powerplants Oberhasli. Due to the demanding landscape several producers of electric vehicles are interested in a collaboration. At the end of the day the project owners want to offer a wide range of electric vehicles starting from Pedelecs and ending up with electric sport cars.

The energy for this project is also coming out of the region and consists of hydro power, wind power and PV power, with an aim reduce CO2 emissions and respirable dust (particulates) and last but not least noise reduction.

Infrastructure Concept
The infrastructure concept is based on several movePOINTs, at which electric vehicles are offered. The vehicles can be booked with a jointed booking and information system and are promoted by a joint marketing campaign. MovePOINTs can be found at railway stations, petrol stations, postal offices, hotels or buildings which are constructed for the purpose of the project.

All tourists can explore the region with electric vehicles. For the tourist agencies it´s an additional way to promote the region. For the local population additional jobs are created and emissions and noises are reduced. Energy utility companies can involve themselves into the project and support the building of the infrastructure. Producers of electric vehicles can test and promote their products and potential clients can test them.


The project is ongoing, and will be extended. During the 2010 summer 60 vehicles were in operation and returned safely by the end of the season. For 2011 the number of rental stations being now many - having one to five vehicles per station - will be reduced facilitating operation. Also the number of 4 seat vehicles will be increased further improving utility of the system for the tourists.

More Information

homepage: www.energieregiongoms.ch
mail: info@energieregiongoms.ch

Project Manager: Dionys Hallenbarter

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