Development of new quarters following sustainability criteria in Limeil-Brévannes (France)

By News Editor / Updated: 06 May 2015

Due to increases in both the economy and population of Limeil-Brévannes over the past 10 years, housing demand has also increased as well. Thus, a sustsainable quarter aimed at giving inhabitants a high quality of life was developed in the Ballastière South area.

Background & Objectives

Ballastière quarter was created in the South area of Limeil-Brévannes city in Val de Marne region. The center of the quarter has planned commercial buildings and various public equipment offering a place of meeting and true center of user-friendliness.Some positive aspects of the quarter include:

Life quality: project guarantees an high life quality supporting green belt areas realization (minimum of 20% of public parks), creating a quarter without cars and limiting the residential parking to 1 place by housing.

Mobility: Ballastière is a no cars quarter is with the assertion of a zone 15 km/h where the soft people movement has priority. A Mobility Agency is created in order to inform the inhabitants about the transport modalities as an alternative to private car. Mobility Agency sets up and manages these transport modes: car sharing, car pooling, electric vehicles, bicycles rental, etc. There is also the provision of robots offering a motorized connection among various quarter points. A Pédibus is organized for children protected displacements on the route school - house.

Social development: 50% of lodgings are in rent the other 50% is sent. To guarantee social mix, 50% of the lodgings are social building and 50% of the lodgings are private<span style="font-weight:" bold;"="">.

Economic development: new economic resources are created by new commercial spaces construction. The access to the information network is guaranteed by WINMAX use.

Energy and consumption: project previews the urban heating by co-generation and the electricity production by photovoltaic panels installation. In the central place there are infiltration basins recovers of rain water. Water is stored and re-used for irrigation.


On May 2006 “Société d'Economie Mixte Avenir Limeil-Brévannes” (SEMALB), the investors and the constructors sign an Outline Agreement pour Ballesière construction.

On June 2006 a public inquest is made in order to modify the Land Use Plan.

On February/Mars 2007 authorization permit projects are presented and a public inquest for the Declaration of Public Utility is made.

On June 2007 the ZAC (management devise zone) and the Land Use Plan are approved. The building authorization permit is deposited.

On the 3rd quarter of 2007 the management work begins. During 2008 there will be the pilot building construction and the first buildings delivery will be on the 2nd quarter of 2009. Works will end on 2011.


According to sustainable city planning principles, Ballastière quarter construction comes from Limeil-Brévannes Municipality choice to invest in territory sustainable development and in inhabitants’ life quality. Ballastière quarter contributes to the economic city improvement and it permits to test new transport mode for inner displacements.

No new updates as of 2011.

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