Danish multi-modal traveller information portal

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

The Danish multi modal traveller information service is covering a problem area where motorways (TERN) are passing by large metropolitan areas. The partners include the national road administration, the municipalities, the police and all actors within public transport in the problem areas (trains, buses, metro).

Background & Objectives

The objective is to provide travellers with a complete “live” status for all transport modes, i.e. all relevant information on the current status for all transport modes. Furthemore, the objective is to improve the overall mobility by shifting journeys from private car to public transport or bikes, and to increase the number of car-pooling journeys and combined trips where private car and public transport are combined (Park and Ride), or simply just improve mobility by changing departure time or route.


The internet based multi-modal traveller information portals provides travellers with a complete overview of real-time information from all transport modes - gathered in one web-portal.>Three regional portals are running and fourth are coming in 2010. Trafikken.dk contains primarily road and traffic reports on the situation on the overall route numbered roads in Denmark. Vejdirektoratet (Danish road administration) owns and operates trafikken.dk together with traffic 2 sister portals: National Road Administration and Road sectors. The purpose of trafikken.dk is to collect and publish all relevant information on road and traffic situation in Denmark. Well-informed users will increase decongest and thus help to promote traffic safety. The service offers a multi-modal travel planner.Trafikken.dk now offers a multi and intermodal travel planner Bilrejseplanen, which offers travel time (based on historical experience), travel cost and emissions comparisons.


This project is unique in that a road operator is offering multi and intermodal door-to-door travel planning for the first time. The following table shows the significant modal impacts of the overall service.conclusion_table_jpg.jpg
The Danish Road Directorate The Danish Road Directorate
Karel Králíček
06 Apr 2010
29 Aug 2014