Cyclobus: bicycles on buses (Czech Republic. Jablonec)

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

Transport operators in the Czech Republic responded to the continuously increasing interest in mountain biking and decided to help cyclist with a special dispatched bus connection to the Jizerské hory, introducing the 'Cyclobus'.


Jizerské hory is an important Czech holiday area and provides great opportunities for summer mountain-biking and hiking. The idea of transporting passengers by bus to Jizerské hory with their bikes came up at one of the joint-session of the Jablonec n.N. municipality at the beginning of the year 1998. That same year Jablonec was the first town in the Czech Republic with Cyclobuses.


The Cyclobus enables cyclists taking a trip to the beautiful countryside of Jizerske hory. Moreover, the decrease of cars in the mountain parking spaces helps to protect the environment.This unique innovation inspired PT operators in other towns as well. Today, the cyclobuses are not only introduced in Jablonec, but in other towns as well, for example in Teplice, Dìèín, Chomutov, Litvínov or Brno. Allhough most of them don´t have adapted buses and use cycle-trailers. The cyclobuses used in Jablonec differ from the others because they are divided into two parts - in one part there are seats for the passengers and in the rear end there are special bikeracks for 23 bikes>In case of the Jablonec Cyclobus, we are talking about perfect cooperation between the town municipality and transport operators. The town not only agreed to set-up this line but also to subsidize it in case of losses.


During the first season of 1998, 1907 passengers used the Cyclobus. The number of passengers grew in 1999 up to 4028; to 5125 in 2001and 7936 in 2003.

Follow up

After the first evaluation in the fall of 1998, line 530210 emerged, providing the transport of cyclists from Jablonec and Liberec to Bedøichov in Jizerské hory from April till October.In 2002, under the teamwork of Jablonec Bus Company and Semily Bus Company, a new bus connection Liberec-Jablonec-Turnov was being established. This busline takes the passengers in the direction of Jièín district and from there the cyclist can set out on a biking trip, all through the Bohemian paradise. Vice versa, the cyclists from the Bohemian paradise, which would like to cycle in the mountains, have a chance to get off to Jizerské hory.

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