Cycling tracks development project - Belgrade (Serbia)

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

Municipality of New Belgrade has started in August 2007 a project for development of cycling tracks with the total length of 50 km.

Background & Objectives

Increase in number of cyclists in Belgrade indicates a need to analyze this way of transport. Why would more than 400.000 potential cyclists (according to some surveys) have only about 20 km of safe tracks at their disposal, while just a few more car drivers (about 500.000) use several hundreds more streets?

Belgrade cycling infrastructure basis comprises 18 km of cycling tracks, mostly positioned along Sava and Danube River, separated from pedestrians and cars only by yellow line.

Main objectives of construction of new cycling tracks and reconstruction of old ones are:

  • development of all recreational types of cycling
  • children and youth health development
  • city environment development
  • achievement of comfort
  • traffic education development
  • increase in safety level with respect to disturbing growth of number of accidents involving cyclists - 30% of annual number of accidents
  • decrease in risk of serious injuries/death risk (7-10 cyclist get killed per year in Belgrade)
  • decrease in number of persons under 15 involved in accidents
  • participation in international environmental movements.


Municipality of New Belgrade has started in August 2007 together with Belgrade Land Development Public Agency a project for development of cycling tracks with the total length of 50 km. So far, sections of around 20 km in the New Belgrade streets have been implemented and ready for use.

Cyclists' Federation - Yugo cycling campaign cooperates with transport, urbanism, health, tourism, sports and recreation and environment protection authorities, thus directly influencing decisions and plans for further development of cycling tracks and cycling in general.

New Belgrade is ideal for cyclists and this project would make further improvements concerning the issue. Cyclists' Federation organizes presentations of documentary material concerning cycling transport, environment protection, sports and also material dealing with youth education in the field of transport and ecological issues.


Many car drivers would be interested in cycling if there are better equipped and arranged cycling tracks with higher safety level and if both all the participants in traffic - namely car drivers and pedestrians are more disciplined. There is a great number of persons who would commute by bicycles if there are bicycle storage places and shower and change rooms, beside arranged cycling tracks.

However, if a project of this importance has been better organized and studied possibilities for further cycling development in Belgrade would have been even greater. Namely, most of the users complaints concern small width of cycle tracks, i.e. inadequate size of paths for pedestrians and cycle tracks in comparison to the number of users. Although the structure of this space enables considerably smaller width of paths for pedestrians and requires greater width of cycle tracks, the latter are only 1m wide.

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