Conquest for new public transport network users as part of a participative approach in Besancon. France

By News Editor / Updated: 22 May 2015

Conquest for new public transport network users in the company employees" segment, as part of a participative approach.

Background & Objectives

Even though, because of all the inconvenience it causes and the cost it represents, motorists are beginning to get tired of their cars, it is nevertheless true that the motorisation rate is increasing. This is also true of car journeys : + 3% per year in Besançon. The active populations in Besançon currently represents 52,000 inhabitants, 4,200 of whom regularly take the bus to travel in town. To limit car traffic, it is a good idea to favour modal transfers to other means of transport and, in particular, public transport.


The aim is to help company employees to gain a better understanding of the Ginko offer in order to increase their awareness and to help them choose their means of transport. The network is thus positioned as a real mobility advisor in a tailor-made and documented "one-to-one" approach.
This direct marketing operation involves several publi-promotional phases:

-Three contacts with employees : seduction, discovery, conquest


- Companies:
Very positive impact, mainly on HRMs requesting operations of this type as they are confronted with their employees' travel problems (space to be reserved for parking, accidents, stress...
- Employees:
Excellent impact on image: a lot of spontaneous feedback

 - Séduction pack distributed to almost 6,500 employees
Feedback rate of 10%, i.e. 650 Freepost cards: that is an excellent feedback rate for a direct marketing operation (usual average rate = 1 - 2%)

- Découverte pack sent to 650 employees

- Conquête pack sent to 650 employees
Only one season ticket holder to date (but the offer is valid until 31.12.05)!

2 new waves will be launched reflecting the first wave; to benefit from interesting prices, the various packs were printed at the same time and are therefore available for action.
Nevertheless, very soon, at the end of 2005 or beginning of 2006, a round table will be organised with the operation beneficiaries in order to try to understand very qualitatively what happened and to draw conclusions with a view to repeating the operation in 2007.


Collective passenger transport
Mobility management
Claus Köllinger
campaigns (large scale)
measures - mobility managment services
MM for cities & Regions
MM for employers
user groups - commuters
23 Jul 2006
22 May 2015