Competition Cesty M?sty (Ways through the Cities). Czech Republik

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The competition CESTY M?STY (Ways through Cities) was proclaimed by The Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation, Sustainable Transport programme, in 2002 as an instrument of traffic pacification in cities, towns and villages.

Background & Objectives

The main goals are

  • to call attention on problems with traffic in Czech towns and cities,
  • to support regardfull solutions such as construction or organization works
  • to enhance safety of traffic, especially of pedestrians and cyclists
  • to create a database of regardfull traffic solution to inspire other local authorities

Any municipality in The Czech Republic can take part in the competition by presenting some structural or organization changes leading to pacification of traffic executed in past five years.



There are three categories where to enroll a project:

  • Punctual measures:

Adjustment of crossings, intersections, public transport stops, particular arrangements like raised surfaces on the roads etc.

  • Line measures:

Routes for pedestrians and cyclists, reconstructions of roads…

  • Area measures:

Support of mass transit system, pedestrian zones, concepts of pacification of wide locations

The quality of each project is evaluated by commission where the members are experts in different fields connected to environmental care: traffic safety, structural engineering, universities, Ministry of transport…

The most valuable criteria when evaluating the enrolled projects are:
- contribution for inhabitants (the traffic safety benefit, the social profitability, effect of everyday lives, environment…)
-context and continuity (How is the project connected with other arrangements in the locality? Is there any chain of events leading to safety and sustainability of traffic? How was the public informed and involved?)
-Technical, esthetical and functional aspects, quality of realization
-Originality of the project (Is it an authentic idea? Is there a possibility for other municipalities to be inspired by this innovation?)



Financial support of 300 000 CZK in total is divided between the winners in the year 2009. One of them can also get a prix from the magazine Moderní obec, focusing on administration of municipalities and one community can get a material prix from company producing products that increase the safety and security of transport (for example radar instruments).

The traffic pacification is becoming an important issue of local authorities in The Czech republic.

There were 167 applications in the competition since 2002. The details of the projects you can observe at where you can also see the pictures of the constructions and information about the winners.


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