“Come to high school by bicycle” campaign in Barcelona (Spain)

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To raise awareness of teachers, parents & students to the benefits of daily cycling activities, workshops, & info sessions were started. The best routes for cyclists around the high schools were determined and shared. Safe bike parking and improved safety on the school routes were a focus 2003-04

Background & Objectives

Motor-driven private transport causes pollution in our cities, poor air quality, and high stress and other disorders related to traffic noise. Second, substituting an important degree of in cities by other means, such as the bicycle, the number of traffic accidents would automatically decrease and their severity. And third, to prevent several pathologies associated to an excessively sedentary life.

The target group is the younger generation now in high school because they will decide with their behavior choices what the traffic and quality of life will be in our cities tomorrow.

Key goals were to:

  • Have 15% of the pupils come to school by bicycle on the last day of the campaign
  • Get statistical data about the use of bicycle among the educational community
  • Raise awareness of all in the educational community (head masters, teachers, parents and students) to the benefits that daily bicycle trips offer
  • Define and spread the best routes that pupils can use in the high school area
  • Create a suitable atmosphere to promote the use of bicycle
  • Obtain safe parking for bicycles in the high school
  • Hold meetings with the Town hall to eliminate dangerous points detected in the routes of the pupils
  • Incorporate the bicycle and health into subjects taught at school , etc.


We wanted to offer the necessary conditions for potential users try and experience the advantages of cycling at their high school, starting with 4 schools in Barcelona and one 15km away. The best routes to cycle to school were defined and spread among pupils.
During the whole school year, activities were developed to promote cycling among children: Some things we did:

  • Define safe routes and identify conflict points. Hold meetings with Town Hall to solve them
  • Create information and support materials: leaflets, dossiers, cards and cartographical and technical data
  • Start working groups in high schools: informative sessions for teachers, meetings, preparing discussion forums and working groups
  • Inform pupils and their families
  • ?Promote Bike use among pupils and teachers with activities organised in the high school: competitions, surveys, bike meetings,etc.
  • Organize a day “Ring-Ring: Come to high school by bicycle” with special incentives


The idea is to spread this experience to all the high schools of Catalonia.

The Amics de la Bici/assocoació per la promoció del a Bicicleta with the contribution of the Barcelona Town Hall helped the project to be successful. The number of participants and the good reception between all actors and also the specific needs detected encouraged us to keep on working on education for sustainability and health.

Amics de la Bici/Associació per la promoció del a Bicicleta
08028 Barcelona

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