Cleaner Transport Consumer Advice Service in Three Regions of the UK

By News Editor / Updated: 04 May 2015

A nation-wide advice service was already in operation providing domestic energy efficiency advice from 48 advice centres in the UK. After receiving TREATISE training, three of the centres began also to provide cleaner transport advice, in particular by cross-selling transport advice to people that called for energy efficiency advice.

Background & Objectives

This project results from the EC funded project TREATISE, operating from January 2005 to June 2007. TREATISE provides free training on sustainable transport subjects for energy and transport professionals. The project covers three areas: Cleaner Fuels & Vehicles, Ecodriving and Mobility Management. The trainings resulted in several local projects in the eight participating countries. This project is one of them.


Advice has focussed on Ecodriving and on Cleaner Fuels & Vehicles. The target group of the telephone line is the general public. The advisors do not receive many enquiries about cleaner transport but instead they try to “cross-sell” transport advice to people that enquire about energy efficiency measures.

The advisors’ approach is first to enquire whether a caller is also interested in transport advice and if they are to ask whether they plan to buy a car within the next 6-months.>If the answer is yes, then the advisor will offer advice to encourage the person to buy a cleaner car, in particular to buy one that has lower CO2 emissions. More often than not this advice is simply to buy a smaller / more efficient petrol or diesel car, or it may be to consider alternatives such as hybrids. The advisors also provide information on where to find data on cars’ relative environmental performance, how to obtain CO2 data etc. If the caller is not planning to change his or her car within the next 6 months, which accounts for the majority of callers, then the advisors concentrate on ecodriving advice.



The projects have been successful. To date more than 31,000 consumers have received cleaner transport advice and there are now plans to extend the consumer transport advice service nation-wide.TREATISE trained a national network of advisors in the UK, who then used this knowledge to deliver transport advice to private individuals and small businesses from 2007 until March 2011.

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