Clean urban logistics in Toulouse/France

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

Definition of a new freight delivering regulation is considered as an important component in our attempts to overcome the present congestion problems in Toulouse.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

Improve the transport and freight delivery in the Toulouse city centre by:
  • Defining and implementing the basis for the management of freight traffic into the overall policy of the city of Toulouse.
  • Defining a new organisation of freight delivering based on the experiences of an developing co-operation with Chronopost.

The Measure

At the local level, this measure will permit to organise the freight transport and delivering and re-define the local regulation while reducing the access to the city centre and improving the management of spaces for delivery.All of these developments will permit to concretely treat the crucial problem of freight delivering and transport within the Urban Mobility Plan. The solution implemented will be evaluated including the environmental criteria.At the national level, due to the lack of such kind of experience, the Toulouse demonstration will permit to demonstrate and propose example in the field of freight delivering and transport.At the European level, the exchange with other sites, especially Venice, will permit to highlight best practices in this quite difficult domain of research.>

Implementation Status

The project of realization on an Urban Distribution Centre (UDC) was abandoned at the beginning of 2007. Nevertheless, several actions were implemented in order to improve the goods distribution policy of Toulouse and to prepare the framework for a new UDC to be envisaged in the coming years.The main outstanding actions were:
  • the development and implementation of a new freight delivery charter / new freight delivery regulation in the city centre (May 2006) and,
  • the realization of an experimentation with the Chronopost company (express mail service) where a small UDC using clean vehicles (CNG) was developed.


Thanks to all the works which were performed together with all the local stakeholders, MOBILIS enabled the implementation of the new freight delivery regulation which provides a new frame for the organization of goods delivery at the level of the city centre. Besides the failure of creation of a UDC, the experimentation which was carried out in association with the Chronopost Company showed the potential to achieving the creation of an organization such as the UDC. The development of an UDC can only be the result of a long process of problem assessment, recognition by the stakeholders, public awareness and willingness to cooperate and improve the situation.
Urban freight/city logistics
Serge Mathieu
Serge Mathieu
16 Mar 2009
29 Aug 2014