Clean Public Transport Fleet in Rome: Electric Buses/Italy

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

With the support of Miracles 10 new 5 met. electric buses have been purchased and the electric bus network has been extended with 2 new lines. It is planned to enlarge the fleet with 36 new medium-sized (9 met.) buses, to be operated on two new lines, with a total length of 14 km.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

Based upon the experience gained with electric buses during the past 15 years, the specific objective of the measure is to increase the number of electric buses circulating within the inner city centre and to purchase new electric buses with higher transport capacity in order to serve a larger area.The new electric buses also to provide a “clean” bus service dedicated to the newly implemented Limited Access Zones in Trastevere and San Lorenzo.The measure forms part of a wider Municipality project, which aims at achieving a “zero emission area” in the city centre.

The Measure

Electric buses have been running in Rome since 1989, and since 1996 a quite large fleet of 42 buses (5 mt buses; max capacity: 27 people; equipped with pb-acid 585 Ah batteries; autonomy of 45 km) has been operating on three lines with a total production of 1,200,000 vehicle-km per year, (which means about 1% of the service offered by the surface network).>

Implementation Status

ATAC, the PT Agency in Rome, has so far purchased 10 new electric mini buses with the features detailed below, which have been added to the 42 already in service.Service currently operated with e-buses
  • number of lines: 5
  • total network length = 20,2 Km
  • vehicle-Km/year produced: 1.200.000
Features of the 10 new minibuses:
  • Length 5,1m
  • Width 2,3m
  • Passenger capacity: 27+1
  • Engine: c.c-24,5 kW
  • Batteries: Pb acid - 585 Ah
  • Autonomy: 45 Km
Range of use: best fit up to 190 Km/day with intermediate battery recharging admitted


The objective of the measure is to continue to enlarge the electric bus fleet through the purchase of 36 new “medium sized” buses, to be operated onto two new lines for a total length of 14 km. It is planned that they will produce 700.000 vehicle-Km/year.The ambitious plan to procure 36 more “medium sized” e-buses (8-9 meters length) has been on going during the MIRACLES Project lifetime, and finding a partner technical has been much more demanding then expected. The procurement has had the following requirements:1) Batteries:Replacement of Pb-Acid batteries with the new Metal-Hybrid pack. First tests carried out in 2002 have shown that:
  • the range of use has doubled;
  • a complete refit of traction and battery management equipment is necessary.
2) Vehicle:
  • Length: up to 9.0 m
  • Width: up to 2.3 m
  • Capacity: 36 passengers minimum
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Federico Mannini
Federico Mannini
03 Apr 2007
29 Aug 2014