Clean high mobility corridor in Krakow/Poland

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

Integrated policies for clean vehicle use, passenger security, ticketing, institutional innovation, new flexible services aimed at bridging the gap between high-volume public transport and individual transport, and intermodal services will be shown to keep the currently high share of public transport (60%) by improving accessibility and safety.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

The measure concerns the increase in the quality, accessibility and attractiveness of PT (public transport), the realising of a comprehensive strategy to improve PT security and safety and the improving of PT infrastructure in the city centre, especially for elders and disabled people as well as to reduce passenger boarding and alighting time. Technology of sound and visual information in trams and buses, led to a significant improvement of the PT quality.

The Measure

The first new CNG buses were tested on the lines 115 and 125 - linking the new demand-responsive public transport service with the city centre. In this corridor two major bus and tram stations at the Lubicz St. and Rakowicka St. on the 1st ring road were converted into two new “model” stations. On the 1st ring road in the city centre there are a lot of on-street bus or tram stops which are not safe and comfortable enough for passengers especially for elders and disabled people. The stations were rebuilt by adjusting the height of platforms.>Technology of sound and visual information in trams and buses, led to a significant improvement of the PT quality. Technology of sound and visual information in trams and buses was an innovation in PT in Krakow.

Implementation Status

A technical project of reconstruction of Lubicz/Rakowicka streets (including reconstruction of the public transport stops) has been made and approved. Reconstruction has started.Concerning the reconstruction of the bus and tram stops on the 1st Road Ring (new “model” stop), one stop (and whole intersection Lubicz-Pawia Streets) is already constructed.A Technology of sound and visual information in trams have been implemented (totally in 24 trams, which 8 was financed under CARAVEL). Concerning priorities for public transport, implemented Urban Traffic Control System has helped to increase effectiveness in the selected clean high mobility corridor (and on the other intersections and corridors as well).


High value of indicators “Information of passenger” in situation “before” system implementation. All buses operating in public transport meets high level of EURO standards. Two model tram stations improve accessibility, safety and passenger service time. Adjusting street level to the height of platforms, allowed reduction of average speed to 10 km.
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Maciej Michnej
Maciej Michnej
19 Jun 2009
29 Aug 2014