The City of Zurich promotes the use of bicycles. Zurich. Switzerland.

By News Editor / Updated: 22 May 2015

About one third of the citizens of Zurich use their bicycle regularly. To increase these numbers even further the city is focusing on consistent promotion of cycling that encompasses different fields of action.

Background & Objectives

Apart from walking, cycling is the most eco-friendly and city-compatible type of transport. It causes neither noise nor emissions and has a limited requirement for space. In addition, cycling improves personal health and fitness and is faster than any other means of transport over short distances. The promotion of cycling is anchored within the urban mobility strategy and the City of Zurich is aiming to create the best possible environment in order to enable its citizens to cycle even more.


To promote cycling, the city puts an emphasis on an attractive and safe network of bicycle routes, provision of public and private bicycle parking facilities and good public relations work.

Examples of measures:
The City of Zurich has a cycling network which is dense, well connected, marked with uniform signposting and with minimal gaps. The priority is to close existing gaps even further within this network. This sometimes leads to the implementation of innovative measures like the camera-based prioritisation of the bicycle at the Opera. A camera recognises oncoming bicycles and switches to green, thus enabling the bicycles to cross the junction before the trams.

The network of bicycle routes is made visible through road markings and infrastructural measures. One current focus is the segregation of cycle and walk ways with tactile curbs that take into consideration the needs of the visually impaired.

The number of safe and lockable bicycle parking facilities at important public transport stops is being continuously increased. This includes lockable bicycle boxes or manned bicycle stations with additional services for bicycles, for example at the main station in Zurich. In addition the urban building code states that all new buildings must be equipped with a certain number of bicycle parking spaces.

The city also promotes cycling with targeted public relations work. For instance, the route planner for walking and cycling (part of the internet city map of the City of Zurich since 2011) enables users to find direct or attractive routes between the starting point and destination of their journey. Unlike conventional route planners, it is based on the actual pedestrian and cycling network. This route planner is also available as an App called "ZüriPlan“ and was downloaded more than 40,000 times in the 3 months after its launch. Services like the 12 bicycle pump stations, poster campaigns, TV spots, bicycle maps etc, round off the efforts of the city with regard to public relations work.


34% of the citizens of Zurich cycle regularly, i.e. twice per week or more often. The city aims to further strengthen this eco-friendly and city-compatible mobility with numerous and consistent fields of action and measures.

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