The city of Gdynia. Poland uses CNG buses meeting the EEV standard.

By News Editor / Updated: 22 May 2015

The transport authority in Gdynia Poland introduced 5 CNG buses matching the EEV (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle) emission standard in September 2007. The current fleet will be extended with another 15 buses (20 in total) until 2010. A fast fuelling station will be build up in the bus depot in 2008.

Background & Objectives

Since September 2007, new 5 buses (EEV) using natural gas have started operating on the streets of Gdynia city, northern Poland. The buses replaced the last old IKARUS buses operated in the city.


In September 2007 the transport authority in Gdynia introduced 5 new MAN CNG buses matching the EEV emission standard. Additionally a fast fuelling station will be build up in the bus depot in 2008.
The new buses will run in the city at bus lines 171, R, 107, 147, 150 and 152.

The buses:

  • Manufacturer: MAN
  • Bus type: Lion's City G CNG
  • Engine power: 228 kW
  • Total passenger capacity: 160

All new vehicles are equipped with air condition.


Due to the high emission standard the new buses are environmentally friendly in terms of PM, NOx and HC exhaust gas emissions.

Additionally CNG buses cause very low noise emissions and therefore provide higher riding comfort. Noise emissions for a bus passing by are almost halved compared to comparable diesel buses.

Procurement of 5 new vehicles assumed to 1,3 million Zloty. Under operational conditions in Gdynia operation of the natural gas buses is expected to be approximately 30% cheaper compared to conventional diesel buses. At current fuel prices fuel consumption results in annual fuel cost savings of 60`000 Zloty per bus.

Further steps
Till 2010 Gdynia Transport Authority plans to introduce 20 such CNG buses in the public transport system of the city.

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