City of Bolzano: Cycle to School (Italy)

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

The campaign “By bicycle to school” is part of an impressive European three-year project called “Vianova”. This project is aimed at students of secondary schools and wants to draw students’ attention to the bicycle as a sustainable and healthy means of transport.

Background & Objectives

The local authorities of Bolzano have already dealt with topics like road safety and education for many years. In cooperation with various schools they have also elaborated campaigns for children and young people in order to make them aware of problems and various aspects of traffic. However, there have never been campaigns for high school students aged between 14 and 18. This is indeed a critical period for the students’ future attitude towards mobility - actually, at the age of 14 students can already use motorized means of transport, e.g. a small motorbike. Moreover, a majority of the students will be in possession of a driving license at the end of secondary school. The project “By bicycle to school” wants to confront students in groups with the topic of sustainable mobility, in particular with specific aspects like bicycle mobility and the effects of motorized traffic.


The schools which took part in the campaign during winter 2007/2008 were the scientific secondary school, the Technical Institute for Geometricians and the “LEWIT” (secondary school for economics and tourism) of Bolzano. Each secondary school focused on a specific issue concerning the general topic of traffic and sustainable mobility.Firstly, the students of the scientific secondary school made a research on several types of pollution like the acoustic, atmospheric, water, thermal and luminous pollution caused by too much traffic.>Subsequently, the students concentrated on topics with a focus on health and mobility, comparing exemplary cases and showing possible solutions through the help of alternative means of transport. Additionally, the students also focused on the related argument of atmospheric particulate.Secondly, the students of the Technical Institute for Geometricians inspected and examined the bicycle paths of Bolzano. The students wanted to assess the current state of affairs and display possible situations of danger or uneasiness. Consequently, proposals to complete and change some of the existing tracks and paths were made. The possibility to extend the already existing bicycle rent service was also suggested. Moreover, a “tangential bicycle path” for the purpose of connecting the peripheral zones of the city with each other was suggested by the students. Another idea was to plan a resting place with a bicycle stand, park benches and an info point. Last but not least, the “Lehranstalt für Wirtschaft, Tourismus und Soziales Robert Gasteiner” (secondary school for economics, tourism and social affairs) deepened the topic of bicycle mobility and tourism in Bolzano: the students created a tourist map displaying sights and the bicycle paths of Bolzano.


The final result of the project consisted in three works presented by each school in both languages, Italian and German. Consequently, the products were distributed in all secondary schools of Bolzano aiming at addressing a larger number of young people. For example, the students of the secondary school “LEWIT” produced a “Guide to bicycle tourism in Bolzano” for tourists but also for the city’s residents.
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26 Aug 2008
29 Aug 2014