Changing the mobility choices of hospital staff in Dublin (Ireland)

By News Editor / Updated: 08 Apr 2015

Through a holistic approach to mobility management, the Children's University Hospital Temple Street has achieved a 44 per cent reduction in the number of staff driving to work.


The Children’s University Hospital (CUH) is a paediatric healthcare facility located in the north of inner city Dublin. The hospital caters for around 110 000 patients a year and sees in excess of 140 000 visitors every year. The hospital was originally built in 1803 and took residence in 1879. Since 2006 the hospital has been in a period of transition. A new National Paediatric Hospital is proposed to be built approximately 0.5km north-west of CUH.

In action 

Parking congestion and impending planning constraints led the hospital management to take a strategic approach to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles accessing CUH. In 2005 the hospital established an on-site Commuter Centre. The Commuter Centre was tasked with reducing the number of single occupancy vehicles through soft measures leading to behavioural change. This was achieved through generating and communicating innovative alternatives to single occupancy vehicles. Some of the measures included:


  • Implementing the 'Cycle to Work' tax-incentive scheme;
  • Hosting an annual bike week;
  • Hosting 'Dr. Bike' sessions (free bike servicing);
  • Hosting bike maintenance training classes;
  • Installing a new bike shed;
  • Installing a compressor pump for bikes;
  • Regular bike displays;
  • Bike lectures;
  • Free breakfasts for cyclists;
  • Free high-visibility safety material for cyclists


  • Participation in the 'Pedometer Challenge';
  • Lunchtime walks;
  • Poster campaign;
  • Free high-visibility safety materials for walkers.


  • Facilitating the 'Tax Saver Ticket' initiative;
  • Regular public transport roadshows on-site;
  • Developing a site-specific access map;
  • Providing public transport timetables.



  • Developing a site-specific access map
  • Redesigning hospital appointment cards to incorporate sustainable travel information;
  • Improving information on the hospital website.

Since its inception, the Commuter Centre has been a success. The initial target for was to reduce the level of vehicular traffic to the hospital by 23 per cent. A survey in 2011 showed a 44 per cent reduction in the number of staff driving to work; this has coincided with a 450 per cent increase in the number of staff cycling and further increases in active and public transport. The hospital's hard work has resulted in many accolades:

  • Winner of Green Transport Initiative Award 2010
  • Finalist in the Pan European Workplace Travel Plans at the European Conference on Mobility Management 2010
  • Winner of the Green Healthcare Award 2011
  • Winner of the Golden Pedal Award 2011
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Padraig Ryan
07 Oct 2011
08 Apr 2015