Car Fasting - Moving on to a health city

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

Life in our civilization is barely thinkable without cars. Some people are even convinced that one can not live without a car. But intensive car usage creates many problems. We stress ourselves by the car-induced hectic life. And we endanger our health twofold: we don’t move enough by our own force and we produce a health endangering air pollution. Car fasting brings us peace and contemplation in the period of lent; and we actively contribute to safe our planet.

Background & Objectives

Just 30 minutes of healthy activity per day clearly increases our fitness and lowers the risk of getting ill. About 50% of the distances driven by car are shorter than 5 kilometers, i.e. possible on foot and by bicycle.30 - 50% of the unhealthy air pollution, particulate matter in the air and noise is caused by motorized traffic. The period of lent gives us a chance to analyze our everyday usage of the car and to look for alternatives and give them a try. Car fasting guides you on this journey.


The VCL suggested to the archdiocese of Vaduz to implement this campaign also in Liechtenstein. The campaign was then discussed with Generalvikar Msgr. Dr. Walser and adapted to our country.The other Christian churches were then asked to participate. The Lutheran Church in Liechtenstein and the Orthodox Churches in Liechtenstein confirmed participation.>The VCL has asked bicycle shops, providers of public transport and all 11 municipalities of Liechtenstein to sponsor prices. Sponsors of the prizes are: Sigi's Veloshop, Wenaweser Velos-Motos, Liechtenstein Bus Anstalt (LBA), Österreichische Bundes Bahnen (OEBB), PostAuto Schweiz, Verkehrsverbund Vorarlberg (VVV), the municipalities Triesen and Triesenberg. In order to achieve broad information of the public, advertisements were considered. Owing to an anonymous sponsor Car Fasting" is presented in the March edition of amonthly magazine (appeared at the end of February 2006) and in a regional Sunday newspaper (on the first Sunday in lent).


The campaign brings more peace and meditation as well as more personal activity into everyday life. In the period of lent before Easter more and more people grant their body and soul a rest. This gives them a good opportunity to orient themselves again and think about their own life-style. On the subject of the mobility behavior this means: avoid certain travels (e.g. driving for leisure); form car pools; organize shopping more efficiently; try out bus and train services, walk or use a bicycle. Healthy movement is rewarded with a lottery of attractive prizes.
Georg Sele
Georg Sele
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19 Jun 2007
29 Aug 2014