Canton of Zug (Switzerland): Sustainable leisure trips

By News Editor / Updated: 22 May 2015

This project sought to promote sustainable tourism and leisure traffic through the establishment of dedicated round trips with sustainable transport modes. Discussions have already taken place regarding the implementation of round trips for other target groups.

Background and objectives


60 % of trips in the Canton of Zug in Switzerland are related to leisure and tourist purposes, and 70 % of these trips are done by car. Still, Zug has a well-developed Public Transport system, a dense network of bicycle and footpaths and a mobility centre. This project seeks new mobility services to promote the use of sustainable modes of transport for leisure and tourist trips.




Hence the idea of establishing four dedicated round trips with sustainable transport modes. As Zug's most important leisure destinations are frequented by families with children, making these trips attractive to children, would influence parents' choice. Sustainable transport modes used to access these sites ranged from train and bus to cycling, walking and boat. The information and dissemination activities targeted families with children and the round trips had to motivate them. For the active promotion of the round trips, Action Days were set up, during which special activities like free rental of skates or organised races were organised in cooperation with local partners. The project closed with a final event on the Car Free Day. An innovative brochure aimed at promoting the initiative and obtaining data on mobility behaviour.>It contained stamp cards with questionnaires on the back, which could be submitted on the Action Day to win a prize. 10.000 copies of the brochures were distributed to public transport information and ticket sales centres, bakeries, and agencies of the Cantonal Bank of Zug. 500 posters advertising the Action Days were placed where the information brochures were available, at all schools within the Canton and at various public places. 20.000 flyers were distributed on all buses, in schools, and at the offices of Zug tourism. Information was also available on website of Zugtourism




The number of participants to the Action Days was lower than expected, but this was compensated by the attendance of the Final Event. Feedback from participants was very positive, there is however a need for multimodal and easily understandable information. Negative factors were the competition with other leisure activities organised at the same time, and the weather. The project also shows that the promotion of sustainable modes for leisure purposes is very difficult, primarily because people enjoy very different kinds of leisure activities, because they don't travel regularly to the same destination, and because they do not always use the same modes for the same leisure activity. Communication strategies that include something new are more likely to successfully raise awareness.The round trips will be promoted after MOST.


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