Bus priority measures and other bus improvements/Suceava (Romania)

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

This measure aims to tackle the negative impacts of the growth of privately owned cars whilst meeting the increase in demand for mobility. It aims to encourage public transport use and reduce the number of car journeys by 12% by 2008 and to increase the number of public transport passengers by 10 -12%.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

Public transport will be made more attractive and safer through the renewal of the bus fleet, implementation of special traffic priority for buses, especially at peak hours, the introduction of GPS systems and video cameras to monitor the traffic. The concepts of “park and ride” and “park and walk” will be promoted and implemented.

The Measure

The simple purchase of new buses and the initiative of promoting the alternative fuel by converting the engines of these buses into LPG ignition isn’t enough for influencing significantly the negative trend manifested in the mobility system in our city.This measure is implemented to create a modern, attractive and timely efficient framework for the renewed bus fleet operation. We now give priority to buses at crowded junctions, improve the bus facilities offered to PT passengers and the bus fleet general operation.The focus was set to improve the local transport policy by means:
  • of installing new traffic lights functioning in green way" system,
  • of widening the streets with extra lanes (separate routes) at congested intersections,
  • of seeking legal provisions to give way to PT,
  • measures to install modern equipments for offering information to the passengers (electronic panels with real-time information inside the buses, electronic ticketing system), to monitor the traffic and enhance the security (web cameras, traffic sensors) and to determine the location through GPS, of each bus.

Implementation Status

The bus stops were modernized and equipped with refuges and the updated PT plan displayed within. Intersections and other major crossroads that increased importance have been modernized through adding adjacent extra lanes and proper signalization for pedestrians and cars to regulate fluency; 8 new intersections are equipped with new traffic lights with updated technology that support the green-way system software for a fluent running of the road traffic. A demo-bus equipped with modern facilities for e-ticketing, GPS locating system and a board for delivering information to passengers will prove the feasibility of such investments. 3 CCTVs monitor some road segments in real-time and 3 sensors detect traffic data and provide information for evaluation and further decision making.


- good acceptance levels for the measures implemented and the creation of a base for the new urban mobility culture, from where other related measures can be built up upon
  • improved quality of the PT service (physical comfort, personal security, lines, trip duration, accessibility of PT vehicles within the bus stops, drivers’ attitude, information network and real-time information)
  • increased awareness for the PT alternative fleet introduction and all supporting measures, 82% of population interviewed had knowledge of the alternative fleet and fuel and the whole project, which is a good starting point for the future consultations in order to put in practice new ideas and mechanisms to be designed for a superior traffic management
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Geta Prisaca
Geta Prisaca
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29 Aug 2014