Building a network for sustainable urban mobility in Albania and Kosovo

By News Editor / Updated: 22 May 2015

The implementation of two SUMP 'starter projects' in Shkodra (Albania) and Peja (Kosovo) has set the scene for the creation of future networks and platforms to further increase sustainable transport policies in these regions.

Background & Objectives

Transport policy focus in Albania and Kosovo has traditionally been on the development of the road network and catering for motorists' needs. Accordingly, provision for sustainable transport modes has been largely overlooked. Due to this institutionalised mindset, the consequences are that city landscapes and urban travel patterns have altered drastically over the past 20 years, with many cities faced with ever increasing vehicle traffic and associated negative environmental effects.


More recently, some municipalities, NGO's, researchers and individuals have looked at ways to redress these issues and focussed on promoting and facilitating sustainable transport options.


In a collaboration between Transport Ministries, two demonstration towns (Shkodra, 110.000 residents in North Albania;  and Peja/Pe?, 95.000 residents in West Kosovo) and the Flanders Government, two urban mobility research and demonstration projects, ’MOBALB’ and ‘MOBKOS’ were implemented between 2009 to 2012. The projects provided a guidance framework and assistance to municipalities to help introduce SUMP's, which included advice on:

  • Collection and analysis of basic data to raise better understanding of urban mobility patterns, trends, and opportunities for change;
  • Site based application of new (planning) tools and techniques;
  • Site based analysis and interpretation of the relationship between strategic urban development and urban mobility;
  • Desktop SUMP related research on good practices, (certified) training and occasional study visits;
  • Developing institutional and civil society capacity for sustainable urban mobility, and;
  • Creating a step up to a platform for exchange of experiences and good practices.


Both the demonstration towns (Shkodra and Peja) were provided with a tailor-made SUMP starters’ package, including:

  • Basic surveys: household travel survey, traffic survey, road accident analysis and mapping, parking survey, home to school and home to work travel survey;
  • On site capacity guidance to municipal departments of urbanism and/or public services as regards urban mobility policy formulation and programming;
  • >
    • Guidance on strategic development of urban public spaces to facilitate active travel;
    • Roads categorisation in relation to ring road optimisation, access restriction and parking;
    • Bicycle policy audit;
    • Fashion cycle show, living street and bicycle day events;
    • Campaigns: billboards, leaflets, brochures, video;
    • Thematic workshops and EPOMM certified beginners’ training;
    • Desktop SUMP research and priorisation of feasible measures;
    • Embedding sustainable urban mobility into regulatory plans ;
    • Guidance to EU urban mobility practices and projects.


    A series of incentives to key actors were also provided, including, awards, certified training, study visits, assistance in project proposals, and the establishment of new NGO’s specialising in SUMP implementation - ‘Go 2’ NGO in Albania and‘Safe Trip’ NGO in Kosovo. See the attached document for an overview of awards and special nominations per category.


    MOBALB and MOBKOS are two modest but successful SUMP starters’ projects. Visitors to their websites and widely attended conferences demonstrate their impact and interest in SUMP's in these regions.

    At the first conference on urban mobility in Albania, 3 October 2012, it was recommended to continue the building of the network for sustainable urban mobility via concrete SUMP applications, evaluations, trainings and exchanges.

    More information

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    Jozef Zuallaert, Brikena Tare, Modest Gashi

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