Bilprovningen - a new and unused arena to reach car-users. Borlänge. Sweden

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

Bilprovningen (the Swedish Motor Vehicle Inspection Company) and the municipality of Borlänge in Sweden have worked together in a project with an aim to decrease the negative environmental influence of traffic mainly through attitude- and behavioural change among the citizens.Results show that Bilprovningen is an important and new arena where you can meet and influence car-users to change their behaviour in a more sustainable direction.

Background & Objectives

Borlänge is situated in the region of Dalarna, which is the region in Sweden with the second largest amount of cars/citizen.Bilprovningen is by appointment of the Swedish government solely responsible for inspecting all vehicles registered in Sweden. This is done mainly through emission controls.Borlänge municipality also works actively to decrease the negative environmental influence of traffic. This is done mainly through affecting vehicle owners to change their attitudes and actions.The co-project was launched in order to reach car-users in Borlänge with important and accurate information regarding the environment, road safety issues, health-information, new technique etc.


A good way to reach car-users with important information is to go via the inspectors. Bilprovningen’s knowledge of the Swedish vehicle fleet is unique. Car-owners know this and are therefore open to receive advice from the inspectors on how to improve their vehicle economy by better maintenance and eco-driving, how to decrease their cars impact on the environment and how to increase road-safety etc.By educating the inspectors in areas like the above the inspectors have a greater possibility to influence the car-owners to behave in a more sustainable direction>The method that has been used in the project is therefore mainly going through the inspectors.The result shows that over 1500 car-owners have been reached by information through the inspectors during a twelve-month long period. Several information points have been spotted through the whole inspection process. These information points are important places where more information can be delivered to the visitors and where questions can be answered.The inspectors have appreciated the lectures in different areas and they all believe that they really can influence their visitors to change their behaviours.


Bilprovningen is a new and unused arena where the municipality have great opportunity to meet and influence car-users in changing their behaviour. Every car-owner has to visit Bilprovningen and get their car inspected once a year and every visitor is nervous about what their inspector is about to say. Therefore people are open for information from the inspectors. What they say are regarded as important information.There are several opportunities to reach the visitors through the whole inspecting process. These opportunities should be used in a more effective and useful way.An evaluation of what the visitors think about Bilprovningen as an arena for these type of questions is not done during to different reasons, but as the cooperation between Bilprovningen an the municipality of Borlänge continues a method for evaluation will be discussed and realized.The project also shows that people that love to work with and drive cars can change their behaviour through education and information efforts.
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Johanna Ingre
Johanna Ingre
05 Dec 2008
29 Aug 2014