Big Wheel Campaign in Nottingham (UK)

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

Big Wheel is a physical structure with spokes, a rim and a hub. It is a great asset for commuters as it offers necessary facilities, real time information, personal travel plans, maps on the most suitable and pleasant routes.

Background & Objectives

The City and County Councils as well as the Greater Nottingham Transport Partnership built a transport system that will allow the city and its outskirts to grow, reaching its potential as an inspiring city region. At the same, the city is committed to protect the urban and rural environments that are great economic assets. They built a comprehensive transport network that covers the whole conurbation: it is called the Big Wheel.In order to make this new system work, the Greater Nottingham Transport Partnership entered marketing and promotional actions with the branding of this new transport system throughout the whole city.

This activity has been organised in cooperation with businesses, transport operators and local councils.



Advertisement of the integrated transport system and presentation of the following activities:

  • Opening of a NET Line One and Development of two future tram lines to Clifton and to Beeston.
  • Chain Reaction scheme on the ring road with better bus services, transport interchanges, more link buses (possibly with plugs for laptops, mobile phone chargers and electronic destination screens) and guided bus route.
  • Improving access to Castle, Playhouse, Nottingham Trent University, Cornerhouse and Victoria centre.
  • >
    • Road maintenance and improvement of ring road and cycle lanes.
    • Park and Ride services.
    • Areas for transport interchanges.
    • Local safety schemes.
    • Organisation of the Big Day Out, part of ‘In Town Without My Car’.
    • Transport Hubs along the ring where you can catch a bus, change routes, leave the car or simply walk to.
    • Electronic information on bus schedules - personalised timetables.


    Several surveys have been organised both with the public and with the business community in order to assess the Local Transport Plan and its performance as well as to see if the local community as a whole is in favour of such initiatives. All surveys showed that the local community is well aware of the Big Picture and is encouraging it. The campaign is then meant to continue.

    More information on this initiative on the NICHES website:

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