Bicycle safety course “Safe in the Saddle” for children and parents (Liechtenstein)

By News Editor / Updated: 04 May 2015

The VCL bicycle safety course aims for parents to set good examples and moderate expectations of their children. What is easy for parents can be difficult for children. Since 2004, it helps parents to rediscover cycling for transportation and actively contributes to a safe and independent transport for children. Each year the courses are offered in four of our eleven towns, taking turns.

Background & Objectives

In Liechtenstein, the police traffic instructors visit the children starting from the kindergarten and instruct them on safe behavior on the way to school.

Toward the end of the 4th year of the primary school the children complete a bicycle course in a traffic training area.

Starting with the first primary school year children are allowed to move through traffic with their bicycle.

Parents usually cannot asses their children riding bicycles correctly and give bad advice because they themselves don’t ride a bicycle in everyday life.


The bicycle safety course from ‘Pro Velo Schweiz’ was adapted to focus on safety on the way to school and promote bicycling for daily transport. The schools distribute course invitations. Parents union supplies food /drinks during the break, financed by the town. The town police and the police traffic instructors participate.

The program is financed by the "committee to avoid traffic accidents" and the instructors are trained by Pro Velo Schweiz. Participation is free of charge.

The course sequence is as follows:

  • The bicycles of children and parents are inspected.
  • Children practice techniques of riding the bicycle.
  • Parents refresh theory and discover that riding a bicycle = driving a vehicle.
  • Break.
  • Guided round trip in groups through the town for children with parents.
  • Children receive a certificate and small gift.
  • Quality assessment by the parents.

A similar course has been carried out also for elderly people and senior citizens.


Parents & children learn the following: a bicycle is a means of transport in everyday life; how to ride a bicycle reliably and self-confidently on main streets; how to behave like car-driver; to follow all rules; to safely master difficult situations (left turn, roundabouts, etc..).
They consciously experience a safe trip to school by bicycle. Parents consciously set an example. Road safety is generally improved. “Safe in the saddle” safety courses are a valuable addition to traffic instruction at school.
The satisfaction level of children and parents has been very high.
Visit Pro Velo Switzerland or Austrian Bicycle Training to view similar courses.

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Georg Sele
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