“Bicycle friendly accommodation” labelling in Flanders. Belgium

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

In 2004 Tourism Flanders took the initiative to set up a quality label for bicycle friendly accommodation in Flanders. More than 500 establishments have been awarded the bicycle friendly label.

Background & Objectives

Recreational cycling has become more and more popular in Flanders. The network of cycling paths and networks has been extended over the years, but little or no attention has been given to the other needs of recreational cyclists. Tourism Flanders has therefore taken the initiative to provide a quality label for bicycle friendly hotels, restaurants and outdoor recreational sites.

The objectives of the label are twofold:

  • to provide cyclists with a special welcome that meets their needs;
  • to set up a quality label which is uniform and recognisable.



The label has the form of a sticker, which needs to be placed at a clearly visible location such as the entrance or reception of the establishment. Each year a new sticker is provided to reconfirm the status of bicycle friendly accommodation.

This recognition guarantees that the business meets the following requirements:
• is located at max. 5 km from a cycle route / network;
• is bicycle-minded (knowledge of routes etc.);
• provides free bicycle maps, tourist information etc.;
• has adequate space to park bicycles,
• has a repair set and first aid kit;
• provides accommodation to cyclists for one night.

After a label has been awarded unannounced inspections may take place to check if the standards are still being met. Based on the findings corrective actions might be necessary.

The label is issued to bars and restaurants by various local tourism offices: Tourisme Limburg, Tourisme Oost-Vlaanderen, Tourisme Vlaams-Brabant, Tourisme Provincie Antwerpen and Westtoer. Tourism Vlaanderen is responsible for the label for bicycle friendly restaurants and overnight accommodation establishments.


No evaluation data is available.

Communication is one of the main factors of success. Tourism Flanders promotes the label in Belgium and abroad. This is done through the use of standard dissemination channels (brochures and websites) and special promotion campaigns, which differ each year (joint promotions, articles etc.).

The organisations that have been awarded the label often include the bicycle friendly logo on their brochures, websites etc.

Further information

Information collected within the STARTER project. See: http://www.starter-project.eu

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