To Be and Stay Mobile! Mobility Courses in Vaduz (Liechtenstein)

By News Editor / Updated: 06 May 2015

Adults and especially senior citizens should understand the relation between health and mobility (walking, riding the bicycle) and act accordingly.

Background & Objectives


Too many people fulfill their mobility needs by using the car. They do this even for short distances where walking and bicycling are appropriate and for journeys where public transport offers good services. As a consequence, they do not move enough in everyday life. This behavior, especially in combination with an unhealthy diet, leads to a variety of illnesses.




In talks between VCL (Traffic Club Liechtenstein) and KBA it became clear that they had the desire for a course addressing the safety aspects for senior citizens using the Liechtenstein Bus services. The main topic for the VCL within ViaNova was the awareness of the dependence of the personal health from the choice of the means of transport for the daily journeys.>KBA, LBA and VCL developed the course together, adapted to the specific needs in Liechtenstein. In doing so, the VCL could use the knowledge already made in Switzerland. On 18 October 2005, the course took place in the locations of the senior citizens services KBA in Vaduz. A further course is planned for spring 2006. We intend to offer the course on a yearly schedule together with our project partners. In addition, a course for safe bicycling for adults and especially 50+ will be offered in spring 2006.




Adults and especially senior citizens understand the relation between health and mobility by ones own force. They behave accordingly and master an increasing number of everyday journeys by walking, bicycling and using public transport. They feel save in doing so. And they stay independent mobile to an older age.


Walking and cycling
Collective passenger transport
Traffic and demand management
Georg Sele
Georg Sele
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planning - user needs
measures - demand responsive services
planning - safety / security
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