Award-winning parking management in Graz (Austria)

By News Editor / Updated: 20 May 2015

Graz City Council has taken a stand against a congestion charge and has chosen an alternative to this in the introduction of a comprehensive city - wide parking management integrated in its transport policy, a measure for which it obtained an international award called “Lebendige Stadt”.

Background & Objectives


Since more than 20 years a management of the parking space on the surface exist in the city of Graz, since 2012 the city of Graz levied parking fees from about 26.600 parking spaces. The introduction of a this comprehensive city-wide parking management is an integrated part in the transport policy.
Through the constantly increasing of the volume of the car traffic, conflicts in use of parking spaces arised between resident population, commuters and other parkers.

The pricing (parking management) is increasingly used as a control tool for travels to the city centre.

From this reason on in 2003 the city of Graz introduced a concept for a graduated fee scale parking space management - the “blue zones” and the “green zones”. Currently (2012) there are 16.000 parking spaces in short term parking zones (Blaue Zone) and about 11.600  parking spaces in so called long term parking zones (Grüne Zone).The revenues (after subtracting the costs for the private control-company) are committed to improvements in public-transport as well as intermodal infrastructure ( e.g. Park & Ride)





All parking spaces are monitored continually by a supervision institution, and all additional revenue of the parking management on the surface will used for the improvement of public transport.

“Blaue Zonen” (blue zones)- are areas for short term parking zones and orientated to the inner city.>Short-term parking applies on weekdays from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm, and Saturday from 9 am to 1pm. Residents have the possibility to make an application for a permanent parking permit

“Grüne Zonen” (green zones)- are areas for chargeable long-term parking. Parking is chargeable from Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm. Saturday is free of charge. All “Grüne Zonen” are marked by sign-boards on the entrance and the exit of the streets. Residents have the possibility to make an application for a permanent parking permit

The tariffs:
Parking tickets on the parking -meters:
Blue zones: Chargeable form Monday –Friday  9a.m - 8p.m, Saturday from 9a.m – 13 p.m
1 h: € 1,20 - by maximum parking duration of 3 hours (reduction of parking duration to 2 hours in very high frequented areas as main station)

Green zones: Chargeable from Monday –Friday  9a.m - 8p.m, Saturday free
½  h: € 0,40 - no time limitation
1 day (24 hours): € 5,00
Payment in advanced possible for 5 days
Parking ticket on application possible for all:
1 Month: € 34,00
1 Year: € 324,00
Parking for electric vehicle is for free and for low emission vehicles depends on EURO IV and there amount of CO2 emissions (more environmental parking – lower parking tariffs for low-emission cars)





Due to city - wide implementation of parking zones, the traffic caused by commuters searching for parking places was reduced significant and resulting the reduction of emissions and noise.




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