Atcittà Mobility Centre: Bologna. Italy:

By News Editor / Updated: 02 Sep 2014

Atcittà is the multi-modal Mobility Centre of ATC, Bologna's local public transport operator.

Background and objectives

The aim is to offer an optimal public transport information services in order to enhance the image of Bologna's local public transport operator and thus increase public transport use in the long run.


There are four outlets in Bologna and one in Imola, which partly offer a different level of service. The Mobility Centres belong to ATC's customer care system, which is completed by a telephone call centre and a customer relations office for mail, e-mail and website contacts. The focus of Atcittà is on public transport related services, mainly information, ticket sales (bus and rail) and complaint management. The inclusion of information on car sharing, on the parking regulations in Bologna and the sale of tourist and parking tickets make it a multi-modal institution. Opening hours are 0700 to 2000 seven days a week. In total the Atcittà system offers 17 counters and employs a staff of 40, with up to 17 staff working at any one time>

Results so far

The information centre receives about 1400 calls per weekday and 800 calls per weekend day. 97% of all calls can be answered within 20 seconds. The average call is 1.18 min. 59% of all calls relate to local public transport services, 29% to regional public transport, 10% to ticketing, 2% to parking and 1% are complaints. The level of complaints registered in the complaint management system is around 3500-4500 per year. ATC promises a reply within 30 days - otherwise the customer will receive five free tickets (or the amount in cash). In the period from 1999-2001, complaints declined by 16%. The annual customer satisfaction survey shows quite a high level of satisfaction. A 9% increase in ticket sales also underlines the fact that the comprehensive approach to customer care seems to be successful.

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Karen Vancluysen
18 Dec 2006
02 Sep 2014