Advancing car-reduced mobility in Baar - Mill Matt. Switzerland

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

In July 2007 Obermühle Real Estate PLC, Baar, RRP Architects, Zurich and Bandorf Neuenschwander Partner Cooperation, Gockhausen built 38 flats on the Mill Matt. Cars are banned out of the colony and sustainable modes of transport are fostered.

Background & Objectives

The development of the Mill Matt scheme involves conversion and development of land currently occupied by a 30m high grain storage silo, a small power station and two factory mansions into 38 accommodation units in 5 houses with individual bike park facilities for the 38 flats. The Mill with the storage silo, which will be converted into apartments and commercial space in 2008 will have an attractive and variedly architectural design. The idea of the project is to keep the car outside the colony and make the residents use public transport, bike and feet. Therefore a good traffic infrastructure is provided.The environment of the colony is characterized by a historical garden- and free space scenery, which offers also meeting points and places for abidance. Shopping and free time facilities as well as other infrastructural facilities are nearby and fast reachable by bike. Two bus stops are at a distance of 300m and so is the car park hall. The train station and the city centre are reachable in few minutes by bike and in 10 minutes within walking distance.


The building of the five houses started in 2005 and the first two houses were ready for occupancy in April 2007. In June 2007 further two houses were ready for occupancy and the last house followed in July 2007. To support the idea of a residential area without cars a special measure was taken:One>lockable bicycle garage per accommodation unit is provided in front of every entry door (at grade), financed by the housing company.Regulatory frameworks:The quarter is just optically car-free. Owning a car is not forbidden, but also not supported. Generally there is a duty to build parking spaces in the Switzerland (at least 1 parking space per accommodation unit); parking spaces for the residents of Mill Matt are laying outside the colony in an underground car park and are only rentable on demand and by cost-covering prices. Special regulations are not necessary.


Only a few tenants do not own a car. Not one single tenant has rented an apartment because of the concept of not letting cars into the development. However, due to the quality of the development all flats were rented from the outset, meaning that having to park the car outside of the development was accepted. The idea to ban the cars out of the colony is adopted well due to the high quality of the apartments and the high demand in the Zug area; all flats are rented and nearly all tenants own cars which are parked in the underground park garage 200 m from the development.Further information:Homepage of Obermühle BaarHomepage of the German car-free living associationHomepage of the network"Housing and Mobility"Homepage of the European project "ADD HOME-Mobility Management and Housing
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