Action days and mobility packages for students of the University of _ilina. Slovakia

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

The University of _ilina organised a special event in partnership with the public transport operator (DPM_) in _ilina; during the university matriculation ceremony, new students received packages with informational and promotional materials about public transport services in the city and in the campus area.

Background & Objectives

About 7000 new students start at the university each year. Many of them come from other regions and have never used public transport in _ilina before. They represent a large number of potential public transport users. With the aim of attracting this target group, the university prepared a special event as well as mobility packages in collaboration with DPM_. The main objective of this action was to introduce students to the public transport system in _ilina and show them how to use the various public transport services to travel to university and to explore the city and its surrounding area.


The matriculation ceremony, which marks the official start to university life, represents a good opportunity to provide students with information . During the ceremony, students usually receive information related to the university and student life. DPM_ prepared information packages for administrative staff as well as informational and promotional material about public transport for students.>The mobility packages consisted of leaflets, public transport smart-card covers and pens. Fares, timetables and network maps for trolley buses and buses were provided on leaflets with information about student discounts and how best to plan travel (with different types of smart-cards or paper tickets). A special guide was also delivered to the foreign affairs office. Guides were distributed among all foreign students coming to the university as part of an ERASMUS stay or for other purposes. The event took place in October 2009 and October 2010. Costs were about 8000 EUR. 250 hours were spent.



Action days at the university can influence students to commute in a more sustainable way not only as a university student, but also long-term. Through four simple steps – informing people, improving skills, motivating them and providing them with services tailored to their needs - we can make a change. In this activity, the university also provided practical support to encourage students to use public transport more. Approximately 7000 students received mobility packages, 205 foreign students received mobility packages with English guides.

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Dana Sitányiová
Dana Sitányiová
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29 Aug 2014