1. Tool
    17 May 2012

    Calculating regional biomethane demand

    and adapt inputs to match your local conditions. See below to download the calculation tool. Photo by ...

  2. Tool
    29 November 2011

    CCAP Guidebook- calculating emissions reductions in transport

    policies. The guidebook is a unique tool that consists of a user-friendly spreadsheet tool, or Guidebook ...

  3. Tool
    02 June 2011

    Calculating emissions from different fuels and vehicles

    Transportation) Tool. The tool allows researchers to evaluate different combinations of fuels and vehicles from ... the point of view of a fuel-cycle/vehicle-cycle basis.  The tool can be downloaded from ...

  4. Tool
    22 January 2015

    Procuring clean and efficient road vehicles

    2024 reads This guide, produced as part of the Clean Fleets project, is designed to assist public authorities and public transport operators in purchasing clean and energy-efficient vehicles in full...

  5. Tool
    22 January 2015

    Life-cycle cost calculator for clean vehicles directive

    Life-Cycle Cost Calculator is an easy-to-use tool to allow a comparison of the life-cycle costs (LCC)/total ...

  6. Tool
    27 August 2015

    Greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator

    3152 reads Did you ever wonder what reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 1 million metric tons means in everyday terms? The greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator can help you understand just that,...

  7. Tool
    04 January 2017

    CIVITAS Policy Note- Clean buses for your city

    4135 reads Buses are the backbone of many European public transport systems and an important part of the municipality public transport fleet in majority of the EU Member States. This policy note provides...

  8. Tool
    20 March 2017

    CIVITAS Quotes

    4706 reads The EU-funded CIVITAS Initiative has enabled the implementation of more than 600 sustainable mobility measures in more than 60 cities acrosse Europe between 2002 and 2016. Each measure has been...

  9. Tool
    26 April 2018

    Study on Urban Logistics- "The integrated perspective"

    3903 reads Study from the European Commission- Mobility and Transport Directorate General with the objective to develop guidance documents including best practices on six different aspects of urban...

  10. Tool
    27 July 2018

    Standards for Developing a SUMP Action Plan

    3178 reads A report from the CIVITAS SUMPS-Up project provides city planners with the step-by-step know-how necessary to develop SUMP action plans. Furthermore, it takes into account different levels of...