1. Tool
    19 December 2012

    MaxEva- evaluating mobility management

    management projects can be difficult in comparison to other types of measures. The MaxEva tool guides users ... tool, visit Photo by Eltis Monitoring and evaluation, Mobility management ...

  2. Tool
    01 June 2012

    Low-carbon indicators

    1927 reads The Regions for Sustainable Change project has developed a comprehensive toolkit of low-carbon indicators for use by European regions in policy-making. The toolkit is designed to provide...

  3. Tool
    01 January 2013

    CIVITAS guide for evaluating urban mobility measures

    1716 reads The ongoing evaluation of urban mobility measures during their implementation can help to improve them. It can also ensure that the results of the measure are as intended and reduce the...

  4. Tool
    01 January 2009

    MaxSumo- planning and evaluating mobility management

    2507 reads Mobility management is a concept to promote sustainable transport and manage the demand for car use by changing travellers' attitudes and behaviour. At the core of mobility management are &...

  5. Tool
    26 August 2014

    Implementing Low Emission Zones

    2767 reads Low Emission Zones (LEZs) have clear benefits in reducing air pollution in urban areas, and are being successfully implemented in cities across Europe. However, the practicalities of implementing...

  6. Tool
    16 November 2015

    Applied framework for evaluation in CIVITAS PLUS II

    3866 reads The CIVITAS Initiative brings together cities that are introducing sustainable urban transport policy measures. The aim is to achieve a significant change in the modal split towards sustainable...

  7. Tool
    01 April 2016

    SUMP Monitoring & Evaluation Kit April 2016 Monitoring and evaluation SUMP Self-Assessment Tool ...

  8. Tool
    22 April 2016

    Methodology and indicator calculation method for sustainable urban mobility

    Assessment of current and future performance:  this tool supports planning authorities in identification of ... regard to any of above policy perspectives”- Monitoring, review, reporting: this tool...

  9. Tool
    27 April 2016

    Urban Transport Roadmaps scenario-building tool

    6150 reads The Urban Transport Roadmaps tool is an online policy support tool that is aimed at the ... assessment and modelling work. Using this tool cities can explore and identify appropriate sustainable...

  10. Tool
    18 October 2016

    NISTO Evaluation Toolkit User Guide

    preferences and monitor policy targets. The evaluation tools provide a ranking of the alternative solutions ... decision-makers when taking a decision for one of the options. The tools therefore do not...