Encouraging car drivers to use more public transport in Skane (Sweden)



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Af Sarah Martens / Opdateret: 21 May 2015

In the Autumn of 2012, over 30,000 citizens from the Skane region got a chance to test the buses and trains of regional public transport company Skanetrafiken for two weeks for free within the framework of the Commuter Experiment initiative.
Each day, about 250,000 people travel with Skanetrafiken’s 14,000 daily bus and train services. Skanetrafiken is responsible for public transport on city buses in 10 major cities and regional buses and trains in Skane. The main goal of the Commuter Experiment (Pendlarexperimentet) was simply to get more people to use public transport. Those who were selected to Commuter Experiment were people who reported that they usually took the car to work.

The results show that the experiment was really successful: revenues and the number of public transport travellers increased. Some 30% of the test travellers state that they travel more with Skanetrafiken today than they did before. The overall outcome was 9,200 new customers. In January the number of trips had increased by 8.5% compared to the figures from January last year. This shows that investment in new customers has really paid off.

A telephone survey involving 500 participants of the experiment also shows positive results:

  • 82% of those who used the given travel card for the test period said that they would recommend their friends and acquaintances to use public transport;
  • 35% of those who used the travel card said that Commuter Experiment positively influenced their view on Skanetrafik;
  • 29% of the respondents say they use Skanetrafik more than they did before the experiment.

The results are very positive and help to continue the efforts towards the target of Skanetrafiken: more travellers and more satisfied travellers. Commuter Experiment was part of the work within a strategy to get more car drivers to use public transport, and thus get more Skane residents to use climate-friendly transport.

Source: Skane Region (in Swedish)
Photo credits: By jorchr (Own work) - GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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