Policy entrepreneur



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Af Admin Eltis / Opdateret: 28 May 2019

Definition – Policyinfo-icon entrepreneurs are advocates (either inside or outside of government or other groups) for policy proposals with the defining characteristic of a willingness to invest their time, energy, reputation and/or money in the hope of future return. That return could come in the form of policies which they support, satisfaction from participationinfo-icon, or personal advantage in the form of job security or career promotion.

Relevance to SUMP – Public authorities should identify all relevant stakeholders as well as their objectives, their power, their capacity and planning resources. It is likely that policy entrepreneurs will have a particularly strong influence on the process, either positively or negatively, so this balance of power needs to be considered when planning stakeholderinfo-icon involvement. The Guidelines refer to the identification of local champions and key stakeholders, whose roles require an early strategic assessmentinfo-icon.

Source: Kingdon, 1995 

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