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Od Patrick Troy / Aktualizováno: 12 Mar 2020

The European Green Deal is the latest growth strategy for the EU economy that is cleaner, healthier, safer and sustainable. The shift to a climate-neutral society is a challenging opportunity to build a better future for all.

The engagement of EU residents, communities and organisations in all sectors of our society and economy is critical to instil a new climate culture; working with government policies and regulations will make this achievable.

The European Commission will launch a European Climate Pact in the third quarter of 2020 to give everyone a chance to design new climate actions, launch grassroots movements, showcase solutions and share information.

The European Climate Pact has just started its feedback period, running from 04 March 2020 until 27 May 2020. You can find out more and have your views heard on this website.

Original article first published 4 March 2020 by European Commission

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