CHIC guidelines for cities: how to start a fuel cell bus project


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Od Sabrine Skiker / Aktualizováno: 11 Apr 2016

The CHIC “guidelines for delivering fuel cell bus projects” are out!

This document provides background information to local authorities and bus operators willing to invest in zero-emission public transport, and considering the option of fuel cell buses.

The document:

  • provides background information about the fuel cell bus technology
  • explains the environmental context (targets of transport decarbonisation, better air quality) as well as the state of play of the technology
  • highlights key lessons learnt from the CHIC project for delivering FC bus projects
  • identifies the next steps for the sector Information on practicalities (workshopinfo-icon adaptation, implementation and certificationinfo-icon of the hydrogen refuelling station etc.)

The document can be found on the CHIC website.


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