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By Pavlina Dravecka / Updated: 11 Dec 2014

Bristol invites public to imagine, and then decide on, the future of their city

There is no one path to realising more sustainable mobility, as evident by the wide-variety of transport measures on offer that can lower emissions, reduce pollution and create greener urban areas. But with limited budgets and the knowledge that infrastructural change can majorly alter the character of a city, how should local leaders prioritise one measure over another? And how can citizens be involved in this decision making process, granting them a real sense of ownership over the process?

By Ella Andrew / Updated: 16 Sep 2019

Cargobikes to play a key role in future urban freight


A study by the University of Southampton, funded by courier firm Citysprint, has found that cargo bikes complete urban delivery jobs up to 50% faster than small vans during peak weekday times.

In addition to this, smartphone data from cyclists delivering meals via courier service, Deliveroo, found that cycling was a faster mode than motorised transport (i.e. cars and motorbikes) when operating in cities. Deliveroo stated that 'in some areas over a given period, the average travel time can be far shorter for cyclists than for scooters'.

By Hannah Figg / Updated: 09 Sep 2019

Transport for London reveals vast cycling infrastructure database


A new Cycling Infrastructure Database, which is the 'world's largest', has been made available by Transport for London (TfL) with the aim of making cycling in the city more straightforward and to better enable individuals to find information that fits their needs.

In order to develop the database, all streets across every London borough were surveyed by TfL. The 240,000 pieces of cycling infrastructure on which data were collated includes:

By Ella Andrew / Updated: 02 Sep 2019

City Transport & Traffic Innovation Exhibition 2020

The City Transport & Traffic Innovation (CiTTi) Exhibition will gather industry experts together, to explore how innovations in traffic and transport will help the movement of people and goods through an urban environment safely and efficiently.

Visitor passes are free and will give attendees full access to all the solutions on offer, including live demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies, informative conference streams and the chance to learn from experts behind the latest traffic and transport innovations.

By Ella Andrew / Updated: 22 Aug 2019

The Smart City Summit and Urban Mobility Expo

The Smart City Summit and Urban Mobility Expo will bring together leading companies and delegates from across the UK along with global partners to present the most forward-thinking innovations that are transforming the way we live.

With the rollout of 5G, the Smart City of the future becomes a realistic vision. Stakeholders will come together over a packed two-day conference program to discuss the future of seamless connectivity, and how it will improve lives and cities.

Speakers include representatives from the following organisations:

By Ella Andrew / Updated: 22 Aug 2019

MOVE 2020

MOVE brings together disruptors and their technologies with stakeholders across all modes and disciplines, to create insights and promote collaboration. MOVE is multi-disciplinary, connecting start-ups with investors and corporate partners. In 2019, over 200 start-ups presented, pitched and found partners.

MOVE is where mobility is re-imagined. It aims to provide solutions to the following global mobility challenges:

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 05 Aug 2019

Coventry pilots closure of school roads to improve child safety


The schools in the UK city of Coventry have a problem in common with many other schools Europe-wide: unsafe roads around schools resulting from high levels of traffic, the largest part of which caused by parents dropping off their children directly at the school gate right before classes start.

By Hannah Figg / Updated: 22 Jul 2019

London’s 'Electric Future' plan announced


The UK capital London has announced its plans to continue to develop London to make it one of the world’s leading electric vehicle (EV) cities, which incorporates an extension to the city's EV charging network.

The London EV Infrastructure Delivery Plan is a result of the Mayor’s implementation of the world’s first EV Infrastructure Taskforce last year, to which approximately 140 organisations have contributed so far. The Taskforce brings together representatives of the London boroughs, national government, business, energy and infrastructure.

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By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 08 Jul 2019
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