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By fabiotomasi / Updated: 16 Sep 2019

Sustainable mobility in MED tourist destinations

Take a journey through the concrete experiences of small and large Mediterranean port cities (Ravenna, Lisbon, Sète, Limassol, Portimão) on 19 September 2019. The event will explore different voices and perspectives (tourist associations, cruise lines, local institutions) celebrating a participatory and constructive path.
By Raffaele Vergnani / Updated: 02 Sep 2019
By Ella Andrew / Updated: 01 Aug 2019

Smart Mobility Congress

The Smart Mobility Congress is a meeting place for sector experts and industry practitioners, to develop connections and business, discuss case studies and promote networks among peers. Under the theme 'Leading the Way', the Congress will showcase new solutions and explore how smart mobility is reshaping our cities. Its ultimate goals are to help accelerate the development of mobility products, services and projects and shorten their go-to-market time; and to tackle the urban mobility challenges faced by modern cities and economies.

By Raffaele Vergnani / Updated: 24 Jul 2019

Renfe accelerates its digital revolution and enters the MaaS market


Since high-speed rail arrived in Spain in 1992 with the Madrid-Seville line, the Spanish state railway operator, Renfe has been gaining traction to become one of the most technologically advanced railway operators in the world.

Now Renfe wants to sprint from being a rail operator to an integral mobility operator, reorienting its future business model and paying particular attention to digital transformation.

By Raffaele Vergnani / Updated: 03 Jul 2019

The city of Algeciras approves its new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan


The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) and the Traffic Improvement Plan of the city of Algeciras were approved last week by the Municipal Council of the city. The documents will come into force once they are published in the Official Gazette of the Province of Cadiz. The SUMP has been developed with the involvement of local political parties, neighbourhood associations, social groups and residents.

By Raffaele Vergnani / Updated: 05 Jun 2019
By Youris.com / Updated: 29 May 2019
By Raffaele Vergnani / Updated: 09 May 2019

Alcorcón’s City Council launches a pilot system of priority traffic lights for its buses


The City Council of Spanish Alcorcón, located in the Metropolitan area of Madrid, has announced the launch of a pilot project giving priority to traffic lights for buses, with the aim of speeding up public transport - increasing the frequency of services and reducing travel times. Initially, the scheme will be tested on the cities urban Line 2 and interurban lines 511, 513, 514, 520, as well as the night line N502.

By Anonymous (not verified) / Updated: 30 Apr 2019
By Anonymous (not verified) / Updated: 30 Apr 2019