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By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 22 Jun 2015

Botoşani mayor commits to electric public transport (Romania)


The mayor of the northern Romanian city of Botoşani has announced that the city will replace its entire public transport fleet with electric vehicles.

'Botoşani could become the first municipality in the country where public transport is solely electric,' Mayor Ovidiu Portariuc announced. 'We intend to purchase electric buses to supplement routes that are not reached by trams.'

By Admin Eltis / Updated: 05 Feb 2018
By Mobility Plans ... / Updated: 03 Jul 2015

Seminar on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in Romania

The European Platform on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in co-operation with the Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, the EU-funded ENDURANCE project and the JASPERS (Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions) programme is organising a half-day seminar on  Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

By Eltis Team / Updated: 26 Mar 2015

European conference provides opportunity to learn, exchange and network

What constitutes best practice in mobility planning is in a state of constant evolution. Measures that were considered the best way forward 10 years ago may not be considered the correct path to take today. Whereas once city roads were repeatedly widened as a remedy for vehicle congestion, now this is considered an invitation for more people to drive, increasing traffic. In the past tram tracks were removed; today, cities are reinstating them, recognising the environmental and social benefits of this type of public transport.

By Henning Guenter / Updated: 21 Jul 2015

2nd European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs)

Registration is open for the 2nd European SUMP Conference, which this year is being held in Bucharest (Romania). A pre-programme is also now avaiable for download.

By Alexia / Updated: 25 Feb 2015

New electric buses and parking strategy for Bucharest (Romania)


From March 2015 Bucharest will be home to two new electric buses and will begin developing a new parking management system.

The buses, which can travel up to 250 kilometres daily when charged overnight, are being loaned to Bucharest for a trial period from a Chinese organisation.

‘The Chinese company has developed a very effective model of electric bus. They charge for a few hours at night and can run all the next day,’ said Ion Dedu, Executive Director of the Department of Transport.

By News Editor / Updated: 30 Jan 2015

€ 500m needed to tackle Bucharest congestion (Romania)


Romanian NGOs have said that an estimated € 500m is needed if Bucharest is to tackle its congestion and pollution problems and get residents out of private cars and onto public transport.

Bucharest is one of the most polluted capitals in Europe and environmental NGOs, including Save Bucharest and Ecopolis, are petitioning Bucharest's City Hall to implement a more efficient public transport system.

By News Editor / Updated: 21 Feb 2019
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