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By News Editor / Updated: 20 Oct 2016

Lisbon to create urban mobility fund (Portugal)


Lisbon’s city council will create an urban mobility fund worth € 15 million to finance the management of urban roads.

Lisbon’s councilor responsible for finance, João Paulo Saraiva, made the announcement last week during a presentation of the Portuguese capital’s budget for 2017.

Carris, a public transport company in Lisbon that operates the city’s buses, trams and funiculars, will manage the urban mobility fund.

The city plans to raise the money through parking revenues, fines and vehicle excise duty.

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By News Editor / Updated: 30 Sep 2016

Global ecomobility forum tackles issues surrounding urban transport


A global forum on ecomobility took place in Almada (Portugal) on Friday where delegates heard creative and innovative solutions that could enable cities around the world to successfully respond to the mobility issues facing them.

Speakers at the ‘Global EcoMobility Forum: Reinventing Urban Mobility’ on 16 September included Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, the creative director of the Urban Idea and former secretary general of ICLEI, and Gil Peñalosa, founder and chair of the board of 8 80 Cities.

By News Editor / Updated: 02 Sep 2016

Vila Real university launches cycling initiative (Portugal)


The University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD) in Vila Real is launching a government-led project to encourage its students to embrace cycling.

UTAD is introducing the U-Bike Portugal project, an initiative co-ordinated by Portugal’s Institute for Mobility and Transport.

U-Bike Portugal focuses on promoting cycling to youth groups, higher education students and the academic community in general.

By News Editor / Updated: 04 Aug 2016

Lisbon to double size of cycle network (Portugal)


The Portuguese capital of Lisbon is to increase its network of bicycle paths to accommodate the growing number of people cycling for transport and leisure.

There are currently 60 kilometres of bike paths in Lisbon, and by next summer the municipality expects the cycling network to have doubled in size.

Lusa João Camolas, a spokesperson for the municipality, said that more people are opting for cycling, as it is more practical, environmentally better, faster, and cheaper.

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By News Editor / Updated: 20 Jul 2016

Famalicão mayor pledges 'urban revolution' (Portugal)


The mayor of Vila Nova de Famalicão in Portugal has promised to use EU funds to progress with an ambitious urban development plan that includes investing in sustainable urban mobility measures.  

The municipality’s Strategic Plan for Urban Development, which looks forward to 2020, will use €17.5 million of EU funds to target three areas: urban regeneration, sustainable urban mobility and disadvantaged communities.

Mayor Paulo Cunha said that the town would undergo an ‘urban revolution’, covering the city centre, and the rail and bus station.

By News Editor / Updated: 05 Sep 2016

Developing a model to improve pedestrian infrastructure in Porto (Portugal)


Walking is beneficial on many fronts. It is healthy, saves money and, by people choosing to use their feet rather than motorised transport, lowers emissions. In Porto over recent years, people have moved from the city centre to the suburbs, a change which has also altered their travel behaviour. Where walking used to be an essential element of city life, now most people drive. To try and redress the balance, Porto developed a model to extract data that would help it increase walking, prevent urban sprawl, and create more liveable places for Porto residents.

By News Editor / Updated: 19 Apr 2016
By News Editor / Updated: 12 Apr 2016

Lisbon to improve streets for pedestrians (Portugal)


The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is spending €2 million on improvements to pedestrian infrastructure to make better walking conditions for residents and visitors.

The local authority is planning pilot-project works in six parts of the city: Rua Morais Soares, Av enida General Roçadas,Alameda das Linhas de Torres, Avenida Rainha Dona Amélia,  Avenida Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro and Rua de São Paulo.

The city says that if the results of pilots are positive, it will extend the improvements to two additional parts of the city.

By News Editor / Updated: 05 Jul 2016
By Gabor Heves / Updated: 10 Mar 2016

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