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By News Editor / Updated: 31 Oct 2016

Netherlands to run all trains on renewable energy


Dutch Railways (NS) has announced that from 2017 all electric trains running on the Netherlands railway network will power from renewable sources.

According to the International Railway Journal, NS made the announcement during the Dutch national climate conference in Rotterdam, and called upon companies and passengers to make their mobility cleaner and more sustainable.

The move will affect both passenger and freight operators as the entire Dutch railway sector purchases traction energy collectively.

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By Renske Martijnse / Updated: 26 Oct 2016

European Bike Sharing Conference

The European VeloCittà project invites you to join our European Bike Sharing Conference: Bike sharing: 'Recipes for Success'.

The symposium takes place in Rotterdam on Wednesday 30 November and is followed by the annual Polis Conference on 1-2 December. We expect an audience of people with a specific interest in bike sharing: city representatives as well as scholars, cycling experts and bike-share operators from around Europe.

By News Editor / Updated: 15 Nov 2016

ECOMM 2017

The main theme of ECOMM 2017 is ‘Teaming-up for liveable cities’. With this theme the ECOMM 2017 conference wants to explore how a continuous improvement in the quality of life and health in cities can be realised. By working together (public-private and cross-border), combating climate change, creating integral solutions and customising mobility services.

By News Editor / Updated: 19 Oct 2016

Utrecht purchases new electric buses (Netherlands)


The city of Utrecht has purchased the first of 10 new electric buses as part of its efforts to further green its public transport fleet.

The 12-metre electric buses will be used to create an all-electric bus line by spring 2017, replacing the existing 10 diesel buses that currently operate on Line 1 of the city’s bus service.

The purchase is a joint initiative between the Utrecht public transport bus provider, Qbuzz, the municipality, and the province.  All three have jointly invested € 4 million for the operational costs of the new buses.

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By News Editor / Updated: 02 Sep 2016

Workshop: C-ITS Use Cases

When it comes to the benefits road users will experience when cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems and services will have entered European Roads, the term “use case” is frequently applied.

What is a use case, and how does it differ from other terms often used in the same context, e. g. scenario, service or application? How can use cases be described systematically, and which actor is responsible for their definition?

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Jun 2016

Noord-Brabant to install smart charging points (Netherlands)


The province of Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands is issuing a tender for 2 000 smart charging points that it hopes to install from the beginning of 2017.

This will take the total of public and semi-public charging stations in Noord-Brabant to 4 340. 

As the new charging points are suitable for local renewable energy and services, the province says that through the tender it is stimulating the innovation of electric charging.

The tender is part of Noord-Brabant’s gradual expansion of the infrastructure for electric vehicles. 

By Vitalija Lavreckyte / Updated: 17 Jun 2016

Call for abstracts for Velo-city 2017 now open


The call for abstracts for Velo-city 2017 Arnhem-Nijmegen conference is now open!

Velo-city 2017 Arnhem-Nijmegen invites you to share with us your experiences, studies, projects, and reports that may enrich the program of the conference.

Taking as a starting point our motto ‘The Freedom of Cycling’, we are looking for abstracts that show us the way to the future of cycling and how it brings freedom to our lives.

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By Vitalija Lavreckyte / Updated: 17 Jun 2016

Velo-city 2017

Velo-city was held for the first time in 1980 in Bremen, because Germany played a key role in setting up the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), the initiator of this international cycling conference.

Ever since, Velo-city has been hosted by cities such as Copenhagen, Brussels, Barcelona, Montreal, Nantes and Taipei. This is the third time that Velo-city will be held in the Netherlands, having previously taken place in Groningen (1987) and Amsterdam (2000). 

By News Editor / Updated: 05 Sep 2016

Gathering data on national cycling patterns in the Netherlands


The Netherlands is well known for its cycling culture. But there was previously little objective and quantified information about cycling patterns. However, in autumn 2015, the Dutch Cyclists’ Union helped organise a national monitoring week during which over 50 000 people shared information on their cycling habits. This provided data that will help Dutch cities design policies and introduce initiatives that will further improve cycling across the country.

By News Editor / Updated: 26 May 2016

Amsterdam to appoint bike mayor (Netherlands)


The Dutch capital of Amsterdam is set to appoint the world’s first bicycle mayor next month to help promote and protect cycling in the city.

The bike mayor will be the representative between the city’s cyclists, community groups and the general public, and the local governments.

The idea for a bike mayor came from CycleSpace, a bike-advocacy organisation, which is hoping that the concept is embraced around the world.

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