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By Dominique Bourges / Updated: 27 Nov 2023
By Jane Tewson / Updated: 31 Oct 2023

EUSEW 2024

Welcome to the 18th edition of the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW)! Under the theme: ‘Net-zero competitiveness driving EU energy transition’, EUSEW 2024 will take place in Brussels and online from 11-13 June 2024.

EUSEW 2024 will include a Policy Conference, the EUSEW Awards, the Energy Fair and the fifth edition of the European Youth Energy Day. A series of locally organised Sustainable Energy Days will also be taking place around the world in the lead-up to the event.

By dearbhla_m / Updated: 26 Oct 2023

European Road Safety Observatory: Report on the risks of driving under the influence and results of the Excellence in Road Safety Awards

The European Road Safety Observatory have published a new thematic report focusing on driving under the influence, and announced the winners of the Urban Mobility Award in road safety as the Municipality of Gdansk, Poland.
By Judith Stiekema / Updated: 30 Oct 2023

An interdisciplinary view on motivating sustainable urban mobility

Within the project “Dynamic Mobility Nudge” (DyMoN), we bring together researchers and practitioners from different disciplines to support people in making sustainable choices when it comes to urban mobility.

Join us during upcoming (remote) webinars for an interdisciplinary view on motivating sustainable urban mobility. This free webinar series will be accompanied by the handbook “Digital nudging for sustainable mobility” (free download upon publication in November 2023).

By Hannah Figg / Updated: 25 Oct 2023
By Francine Long / Updated: 11 Sep 2023

Increased use of EU Structural Funds seen for cycling

The European Cyclists’ Federation has published an analysis of the financial investment in cycling projects by EU Member States using EU Structural Funds. This suggests that there has been a 30% increase in investment in cycling compared to the previous Structural Funds period of 2014 to 2020, which could fund 12,000 km of cycling infrastructure.
By dearbhla_m / Updated: 14 Sep 2023

Call for applications to join the EIT Governing Board

The EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) is looking for four new innovation leaders to join their Governing Board and support their overarching mission to ‘create jobs and deliver sustainable and smart growth’. The EIT Governing Board is currently made up of 15 European innovation leaders, as well as an observer from the European Commission, and is entrusted with the strategic leadership and overall direction of operational activities of the Institute.

By Matthew Collings / Updated: 29 Aug 2023
By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 23 Aug 2023
By Arianna_Americo / Updated: 24 Aug 2023