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By News Editor / Updated: 15 Oct 2014

Hydrogen Infrastructure for Transport Workshop

This workshop will provide participants with the latest update on formulation of National Implementation Plans (NIP) for market roll-out of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) and Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS).

Key stakeholders from France, Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark will present the latest progress on their NIP efforts. The NIPs are being developed as part of the TEN-T supported HIT project that also supports establishment of HRSs in the Netherlands & Denmark.
By News Editor / Updated: 15 Oct 2014

Danish-Swedish workshop about Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans is a new planning approach. Traditional traffic and environment plans have primarily focused on transport, traffic flows and planning for cars. Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans introduce a wider and more sustainable approach for traffic planning where people and mobility is in the core. In Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans focus is shifted from traffic to quality of urban space, liveable cities and planning.
By News Editor / Updated: 15 Oct 2014

21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

The 21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition will take place at Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark from 3 to 7 June 2013.

The Conference will discuss major issues for the biomass markets, in technical and business areas, from resource assessment to market and policy developments, drawing on leading experiences from all over Europe and worldwide. The event aims to encourage an international exchange of experience on policy, research and development, manufacturing and installation, and to be a showcase for the latest technologies.
By News Editor / Updated: 16 Oct 2014

Workshop on ITS Evaluation

The overall aim of the workshop is to raise the awareness of the benefits of evaluation. In addition, the workshop is targeted to show the participants some of the ITS results from EasyWay as well as to give a good insight into the EasyWay evaluation database, including the evaluation reporting guidelines, challenges in using these etc. The workshop will also present some other sources on ITS results.
By News Editor / Updated: 16 Oct 2014

URBACT Annual Conference

In the framework of URBACT, over 300 cities have been working together on issues related to economic development, human capital, active inclusion, urban renewal, energy-efficiency, etc. through integrated and participative approaches.
By News Editor / Updated: 18 Jun 2015
By Admin Eltis / Updated: 07 Oct 2014

Elevated bike lane opens in Copenhagen (Denmark)


Constructed over the harbour, Cykelslangen, or 'Cycle Snake', is Copenhagen's newest elevated cycle path. The orange cycle lane connects to the harbour bridge, leaving the ground level free for pedestrians.

Cykelslangen was opened on 29 June, after eight years of planning and construction. It is four metres wide with two lanes and is 220 metres long. 

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By News Editor / Updated: 05 Jun 2014
By News Editor / Updated: 05 Jun 2014
By News Editor / Updated: 05 Jun 2014