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By Benjamin Baxter / Updated: 15 May 2020
By Thomas Krag / Updated: 16 Jan 2020

Study Trip about Cycling in Denmark

Learn more on planning and promotion of cycling in Denmark.

Denmark and especially Copenhagen is known for it's many cyclists and iconic infrastructure for cyclists. During the study trip's two-day programme you will learn a lot about planning and promotion of cycling in Denmark. Not only will you hear several interesting and inspiring lectures, you will also experience cycling yourself in Copenhagen and surroundings, including trips on bicycle super highways (supercykelstier) and trips where cycling is combined with public transport.

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 24 Oct 2019

Copenhagen to increase parking costs up to 100 times for reducing cars in the city

In spring 2020, the Danish Capital is going to increase the prices for resident parking. The current scheme bases pricing on the emissions of vehicles following the logic that fewer emissions equal lower prices. Owners of most economic diesel and petrol cars were obliged to pay only 10 kroner for an annual parking ticket. This price is to increase to 1,000 kroner increasing 100 times. Vehicles with still low emission ratings see a doubling of the price levels from 2,000 to 4,000 kroner. Even electric and hydrogen cars will have to pay 200 kroner with the reform of the pricing policy.

By Benjamin Baxter / Updated: 19 Mar 2020
By Anonymous (not verified) / Updated: 05 Jun 2019
By Anonymous (not verified) / Updated: 05 Jun 2019
By Anna Clark / Updated: 07 May 2019

Cycle Education - get on yer bikes!

Become a change agent and support the systemic shift to more cycling by learning about successful cycling innovations and change management. This course is about understanding how to support a systemic shift to more cycling. We have the tools and the good examples, but how can we contextualise them, communicate about the need and support the shift to more cycling-friendly planning?

By Anonymous (not verified) / Updated: 01 Jul 2020
By Anonymous (not verified) / Updated: 30 Apr 2019
By Anonymous (not verified) / Updated: 30 Apr 2019