SUMP seminars encourage successful transport planning

By Eltis Team / Updated: 23 Apr 2015

Each city service is one piece in a larger whole; only together do public utilities such as transport, waste collection, energy provision, water maintenance and other strands contribute to a functioning city. While each service must be maintained in its own right, separating these public provisions into stand-alone entities unlinked by a wider plan can hinder the achievement of broader city goals.

The same applies when creating a functioning urban transport system. And that is where the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) comes in. The SUMP is a framework created by the European Commission which helps cities integrate their transport plans into overall urban planning, ensuring that sustainable mobility not only results in better transport, but a better city.

To help local and regional governments successfully develop a SUMP, the European Platform on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans is planning half-day seminars in a number of EU countries. The seminars will be held from March to July 2015, with representatives from national, regional and local authorities invited to take part.

Through the seminars, participants will become familiar with the SUMP concept and its benefits, discuss barriers to implementation and methods to overcome them, and look at ways to promote a SUMP within their organisation. The seminars will be held, wherever possible, in co-operation with EU projects such as ENDURANCE and CIVINET and with Jaspers, an EU-funding mechanism which supports new Member States’ involvement in European projects.

Each workshop will start with a presentation on designing and implementing a SUMP by an experienced international speaker, and shift to a more in-depth discussion on practical issues, taking into account best practice from across Europe. The event and communication materials will be provided in the language of the host countries.

Support in hosting the seminars will be sought from local stakeholders, who are expected to promote the application of the SUMP methodology within their own networks. In the seminars participants will be informed about all relevant guidance on SUMPs, which are also available on the Mobility Plans portal. Each session will run for five and a half hours from 12:00 to 17:30.

For more information on taking part in the SUMP seminars, keep an eye on the Eltis News and Events sections. To register your interest in attending or hosting a seminar email us.

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SUMP seminars encourage successful transport planning