SEGMENT - Segmentation in mobility management

By Pavlina Dravecka / Updated: 17 Feb 2015


Setup of the project

The six SEGMENT  is an Intelligent-Energy-Europe demonstration cities aimed to maximise the impact of the campaigns through the use of two segmentation techniques. Firstly, by targeting people during so called “life change moments’, e.g. moving home, starting a new job, going to university. Secondly, by clustering these people with help of detailed surveys into relatively homogenous groups (in terms of attitude and travel behaviour) and then devising campaigns to effectively address the chosen target clusters (segments).

Life change moment campaigns

At life change moments, people have to change their mobility patterns, and are therefore more apt to consider other modes of transport. The six SEGMENT cities addressed a variety of such life change situations:

By clicking on each city name, you will be taken to Eltis case studies for an in depth description.

Segmentation methodology

A cluster analysis of a ‘before’ survey led to segmentation into 8 target groups, ranging from for example “Devoted Drivers” (almost impossible to change) to “Car Free Choosers” (not owning a car and happy with it). Click here to view the analysis example from London. Segmentation can help make campaigns more effective. It can also address very specific target groups, for example people considering buying a car – in that case with the aim to MAINTAIN their current sustainable travel behaviour.

Project conclusions

  • Addressing people at “life change moments” is an effective way of segmentation with a great number of opportunities, some of which might be common in one country, but are still quite unknown in another.
  • Segmentation of a target group into different attitudinal segments has led to creativity, new marketing messages and more focused campaigns – and SEGMENT has proven that these attitudinal segments are common across Europe.
  • Segmentation has to have an adequate size and cost in relation to the mobility management project. Usage of the standardised evaluation on MaxEva made results easily comparable.
  • SEGMENT has developed the “Golden Questions”, a standardised way to apply segmentation in mobility management projects with relatively minor effort required.



Resource overview on SEGMENT website