New on Eltis: more SUMP resources for cities

By News Editor / Updated: 03 Dec 2015

Following a lull in activity due to a changeover at the reins, the Eltis Team has returned to full capacity. We’re ramping up website activity once again, and creating and hosting valuable content to provide you with information, good practices, tools and communication channels needed to help you turn your cities into models of sustainable urban mobilityinfo-icon.

New SUMP resources

Eltis now hosts three new important SUMP resources. Regular Eltis users will know that one of the key documents related to sustainable urban mobility is the European Commission’s SUMP Guidelines. The guidelines are intended for local authorities, urban transport and mobility practitioners, as well as other stakeholders involved in the preparation of a SUMP. Each step of the plan development process is illustrated with good practice examples, tools and references to further information.  Previously these were only available via a pdf download, but now we’re hosting a much lighter and more accessible online version.

Another new important resourceinfo-icon is the newly created SUMP Self-Assessment Tool. A free online resource, it is designed to enable planning authorities to quickly assess the compliance of their plan with the SUMP Guidelines. The Toolinfo-icon is based on a set of 100 clear and transparent yes-no questions that follow the steps in the SUMP preparation cycle. By working through the questionnaire during plan preparation or once a plan has been finalised, planning authorities can gain feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their approach.

Finally, Eltis now has a SUMP Glossary which provides brief explanations of specialist words, terms and abbreviations relating to the subject of sustainable urban mobility planning. This includes a general definition and, where available, a specific definition relating to transport and mobility planning; and an explanation of why the term is relevant to sustainable urban mobility planning. All three of these new resources were produced by the EU-funded CH4LLENGE project.

Eltis Mobility Update

Every edition of the Eltis Mobility Update will now include a spotlight on a different stream of EU funding that can help towns and cities introduce sustainable urban mobility solutions.  And every other month  - starting in December – we’ll bring you interviews with EU mobility project co-ordinators, focusing on the great work that they are doing to promote greener and more sustainable travel around Europe and the world. If you want to showcase your project on Eltis, please contact

Be part of our community

We’re lucky at Eltis to have a proactive community of contributors who regularly submit news on their projects, or their city’s urban mobility progress; events that are of interest to stakeholders and peers; case studies that demonstrate the benefit of urban mobility initiatives; and tools that can help others in their sustainable urban mobility planning.  You’ll see some of these contributions in this month’s issue. All you have to do be part of this growing community is to become a Friend of Eltis. Registration is quick and easy – and when complete, you can start submitting content to Eltis!