New campaign on sustainable urban mobility

By Pavlina Dravecka / Updated: 29 May 2015

Speed-dating on Östersund's buses (Sweden), hosting a Car-Free Day in Bologna's city centre (Italy) and getting residents involved in designing bicycle parking facilities in Zagreb (Croatia). There are lots of fun ways that the annual European Mobility Week helps to promote sustainable urban mobility in cities across Europe.

While the European Mobility Week engages with citizens, the Do the Right Mix campaign works with campaigning organisations, companies and schools to take steps towards changing mobility behaviour in their neighbourhoods and cities by running their own 'actions' – such as a local television show in Elbląg (Poland) by teachers and pupils that teaches young children the benefits of using sustainable transport.

The two campaigns play a crucial role in the European Union's goal to create competitive and resource-efficient transport systems under the guidance of the Commission's Urban Mobility Package. To strengthen the valuable contribution of both initiatives, they are being merged later this year into a combined campaign that will continue under the name of Do the Right Mix, but will feature European Mobility Week as an annual highlight.

Both cities and campaigners will be involved as before, with cities preparing activities and measures for European Mobility Week and campaigners registering and promoting actions year-round. By bringing cities, campaigners and interested organisations together in one sustainable mobility community platform, both parties will benefit from being able to share and promote their initiatives to a European audience, find inspirational ideas and materials for campaigning, share knowledge and advice, and apply for official EU endorsement and European sustainable mobility awards.

Last year 2013 cities from 44 countries took part in European Mobility Week with 783 Car-Free Days taking place across Europe. Austria led the way in terms of participation with 535 cities, followed by Spain (490), Hungary (145), Italy (133) and France (99). This year also saw 783 Car-Free Day activities take place, an increase of 53 from 2013. The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia all set records in terms of their country’s participation rate.

Although the merged campaign will adopt the name and logo of the Do the Right Mix campaign, European Mobility Week will remain the annual highlight and continue to take place each year from 16 to 22 September. Participation criteria and procedures for registration and validation will stay the same; the existing promotional and inspirational tools such as the promotional brochure, Thematic Guidelines, the Handbook for Local Campaigners and Best Practice Guide will be redesigned and expanded. To overcome language barriers, the European secretariat will make selected supporting materials available in all official EU languages.

National media campaigns, a staple initiative of Do the Right Mix, will continue in four European countries (to be selected). With the support of a professional advertising agency, these media campaigns will help to raise awareness of sustainable urban mobility within the context of each country, with a focus on the impact of mobility choices on quality of life and the environment.

A more attractive and user-friendly website will be launched later this year that integrates content from the two current campaign websites. The revised website will include an updated version of the registration feature for European Mobility Week, new campaign tools, and continue to feature mobility initiatives from around the continent. The social media channels will also be merged. In the interim period, the existing European Mobility Week website will remain accessible to download all essential tools and upload registrations.

For more information visit the Do the Right Mix website