Introducing new EPOMM Services

By Pavlina Dravecka / Updated: 19 Feb 2015

With the support of Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme, EPOMM – the European Platform on Mobility Management - has developed two new services that are rapidly gaining recognition.

TEMS – The EPOMM Modal Split tool is an online tool allowing access to modal split data from currently more than 330 cities across Europe, with more cities added all the time. This is the first publicly accessible database that allows easy access to such data on a European-wide scale. The database is rapidly expanding, as users can easily upload city data. Users can select a city from the map or compare a group of cities using search and benchmarking options. This allows, for example, to compare all cities in Europe with between 100.000 and 200.000 inhabitants and a cycling modal share of over 10%. The aim of EPOMM is to be able to provide the modal split data of all of the more than 600 European cities with more than 100.000 residents – and to foster discussion on a European standardisation of such data.

The ten EPOMM member countries also have the objective that cities use MaxEva as their tool of choice to evaluate the success of their mobility management projects and measures. MaxEva is an interactive web tool that guides and helps cities to evaluate and collect monitoring data of their projects. It provides an overview of results at any time during the project and automatically calculates the effects in terms of modal split, reduced mileage and reduced CO2-emissions. Projects that have already used MaxEva can be found easily using either an interactive map or a search and benchmarking tool. For each project, a large array of background data is available via a few clicks.